Phone number for The Groove Orchestra

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Nannie Posts: 3
Please could someone give me the phone number for The Groove Orchestra? I heard they were great but don't have a number. Have to hurry up and book a band -getting married next October. Thanks. Nannie.
Mar06 Posts: 1
Hi Nannie You can book The Groove Orchestra through Occasions; phone number 021 4961000. I've just booked them myself for 06. Hope you get them Mar06
Nannie Posts: 3
Thanks for the phone no. Mar06. I had found the Groove Orchestra's web site and managed to get through to the office today. They have a provisional booking for the date of our wedding so I'm waiting to hear back and hoping the other booking doesn't go ahead! How much do they cost? You'd think money was no object cause we haven't asked yet, but just heard they were great!