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Likash Posts: 4
Hi, We got married this summer and to save on wedding costs at the time, we didn't get an album as part of our photography package. We have our professional pictures on a memory stick. Now that it's time to start looking into getting albums, for us and our parents, We haven't a clue where to start! I've tried google searches, and don't know whether to get a photo book or just buy an album and get some prints to stick in. I'd love to hear what other people have done or if anyone has any suggestions or recommendations. Thanks :)
timetobewed Posts: 22
Hey we did the same and also felt I would never take down a big album to look at. I will be doing a photobook for us when I get around to it. I have gotten them done for both sets of parents and they were fab and good quality. I have used 2 diff companies as I found deals. One was photobox and the other huggler. Both were equal quality. If u anyway good on a computer they are easy to do as u select what pics you want where. It takes a bit of time to get right but I was delighted with them. So glad I didn't get the album.
ytweddingalbums Posts: 12
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