Photo Albums - which do you prefer?

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WinterGal Posts: 835
I can't decide which I prefer, the traditional album or the new photographic book - which as I discovered recently is more like a magazine where the picture(s) can cover ever millimetre of the page. The obvious difference being the book can cost about €1000 more. Which do you prefer and is it worth the extra spend for the book?
Jan 07 bride Posts: 125
Hi winter gal, really its a personal thing and everyone to their own but i love the photographic books, and think they are worth every extra penny when compared to the traditional albums- but as i say everyone has different tastes and it depends if your willing to spend the extra money or spend it else where!! Good luck deciding!
The Wife Posts: 252
As Jan 07 bride said its personal choice. When I first saw the new book style I thought Wow i have to have it. But then on second thoughts I thought the more traditional style would be best in years to come and wouldn't date so much.