Hi Brides, [b:1q3b9hq6]PhotoBooth.ie[/b:1q3b9hq6] here - Irelands only Wedding Photobooth service. Thank you all for your interest in our service. To answer some of your questions which we have seen on the site : [b:1q3b9hq6]What is it?[/b:1q3b9hq6] - A bespoke booth designed for weddings and events that allows the users to take 4 consecutive photos of themselves without the need for a photographer. Once the people leave the booth, the photos are automatically printed and provided for the guests at your weddings from the side of the booth. [b:1q3b9hq6]Afterwards: [/b:1q3b9hq6]Guests are provided with a Username and password for our website and guests can browse the online gallery and purchase prints, framed prints and canvas prints online from [url:1q3b9hq6]http://www.Photobooth.ie[/url:1q3b9hq6] [b:1q3b9hq6]You get [/b:1q3b9hq6] UNLIMITED PRINTOUTS!!!! a Digital CD of all the shots as well as an option for [b:1q3b9hq6]duplicate prints[/b:1q3b9hq6] of all the shots on the night as they were printed as well as an online gallery of all the shots on the night. You also don't have to buy favours! Think of the savings :wv ! and as well as that you can personalise your photos to have a title of your choice on them to include your names, date and location of the wedding. [b:1q3b9hq6]What does it look like?[/b:1q3b9hq6] We are currently putting the finishing touches to 2 new booths and we hope to have pics for you to see in the next week or so. Basically it is a bespoke made black booth designed specifically for weddings. It is elegant classy and cool, because no one else will have ever have had one at their wedding! [b:1q3b9hq6]Size: [/b:1q3b9hq6]4ft x6ft is the standard size and it will be built on site - all we need is a solid flat floor and a roof - oh and a plug socket. So it's not that big. [b:1q3b9hq6]Picture Quality [/b:1q3b9hq6]- 12 Megapixel Digital SLR cameras are used - so quality isn't an issue at all. [b:1q3b9hq6]Price[/b:1q3b9hq6]: We are open to doing really good packages because we are a new company. We are offering some of our add ons to our basic packages for free! Price depends on location, date and availability. [b:1q3b9hq6]Do PhotoBooth.ie travel?[/b:1q3b9hq6] Of course. Our Boothy's love travelling up and down the country or overseas. We obviously have to charge for travelling but we only charge what it costs us. We are not interested in making money on transport. [b:1q3b9hq6]On the day, how long do you stay?[/b:1q3b9hq6] Till the end of the night There is nothing else like it anywhere in the country. We are the only event Photobooth company in Ireland. I am an ex wolly so we are really grateful for all your support and encouragement. We just think it is a great and it seems like you guys do too. We look forward to meeting lots of you in the coming months. Check out [url][b:1q3b9hq6]www.PhotoBooth.ie[/b:1q3b9hq6][/url] for more information or the latest copy of B Magazine! PhotoBooth.ie