Photographer Advice - How Much Contact is Needed?

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bluepolkadots Posts: 1237
Hi all. So we met with our shortlist of photographers... First one - great work but very expensive Second one - good work but not really to our taste, mid range expensive but lovely person such a shame we liked the person more than the work :( Third one - great work, quite a few hundred euro cheaper than first photographer So we decided to go with last one as in terms of the work there didn't seem too much between the first and third - not hundreds of euros worth anyway... Emailed the third one the evening after we met confirming we'd like to book, where to send deposit etc. Didn't hear anything back so after a few days texted and again still haven't heard anything back. It's almost a week since we met. Main concern we had about third one before meeting was that they were quite slow in replying etc. to queries... Should I be worrying? Is it worth quite a few hundred euros to change and go with the first photographer (who has been prompt when we've been in touch)? Am I worrying needlessly?! I'm a bit of a worrier and if I have this lack of contact close to the wedding it would annoy me but not sure it's worth nearly a grand to avoid a bit of worry? Once it's booked how much contact will we actually have with the photographer between now and wedding next summer? Thanks :)
rianna Posts: 770
I would say that there isn't a set rule as such, but definitely if you don't feel fully comfortable / confident with any of your suppliers then have a re-think. Do they have a good reputation? You could search for their name on here and see what experience others have had with them - maybe PM someone then if you come across anyone if you're still not sure. Regarding how much contact you'll have between now and the wedding, is really up to you. Most that I've come across and definitely my own were contactable all the time with any questions I had etc and it wasn't a problem. Or if it was they didn't make me feel like it was anyway! Hope that helps! If it has been a week since you last tried to make contact, maybe try once more and see how it goes, otherwise I think I'd start looking around unless there was a very good reason for the lack of contact!
CarolinaMoon Posts: 2431
Well for me there is a difference between HOW MUCH contact and how easy to contact and get a response - I wouldn't be worried about having lots of contact at this stage. I met our photographer and paid a deposit. I do not intend to make contact again till next year. However if you are struggling to get replies at this stage - to even book them I would not be happy and would be looking around for someone else. Does it have to be one of these three?
bluepolkadots Posts: 1237
It doesn't have to be but as not living in Ireland most recent visit home was to do bits and bobs including booking a photographer so I was hoping to have it sorted now. Don't have another trip planned any time soon... All 3 that we met with we researched well and they all get very positive feedback on here from wollies and wedding day reports. I think looking back we should have raised the turnaround time on our queries as a concern when we met last week so will either send another email or call and raise it as a concern. Aside from this we would be happy to go with this photographer...