photographer - dvd of pics vs proofs??

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Cheeky Monkey Posts: 52
We've narrowed down our search to two photographers, but need some help....... :? No. 1 also brings his wife, but does not provide proofs. Instead he places all the pics on the web (with a secure password) and you pick from that. You also get a DVD of the pictures, but can't print any further photos from either the DVD/web site. Albums look great and he checks out where you want to have pics the day before for any problems...... No. 2 is on his own has most of the same options as No. 1 but does provide proofs. His albums are similar to the first photographer. Prices are also similar. Really liked both but the proofs thing is putting me off the first - I like the idea of physically having the proofs rather than the DVD, but there's 2 for the price of one with no. 1....does it really matter.....?? :?
Perci Posts: 3847
Hiya, Would photographer no.1 be Portmarnock Photohouse?
xxGroomxx Posts: 19
Something else you may want to consider when choosing a photographer is the price they charge for extra prints. If you and your family and other guests will want to get a few of the photos printed it might be wise to agree a price per print up front.
mad woman Posts: 22106
go for no 2, I think you would be more comfortable with him.
summerhk Posts: 99
I looked at a lot of photographers and had the same dilemma. I decided to go for the proofs since I find it easier to get an idea of what the finished product will look like. Go with what's more comfortable and convenient for you. For what it's worth the photographer I hired works alone and his portfolio and finished albums look just as comprehensive as ones I've seen with 2 photographers on the job. best of luck!