Photographer not releasing CD of photos!

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smiley08 Posts: 825
Hi Just wondering what people's experiences are of their photographer not releasing the CD of photos to the couple after their wedding? I mean not releasing it even when they have bought and paid for their album? Is this happening to people and if so what can one do about it?
shobie Posts: 1437
Smiley unfortunately this is something you should have checked before you booked. Sorry if thats no good to you now but they are well within their rights as they own copyright of the images. You bought their service on the day and the album I presume, not the images ifkwim. Some photographers give the disc with low-resolution images that are watermarked but obvioulsy cant be printed from and others will give you the disc with hi-res images suitable for printing. It really comes down to the photographer and the deal you agreed. Alot of them make a bigger profit on the reprints than the actual fee for the days work. Sorry if thats not what you wanted to hear. What has you photographer said in relation to this?
smiley08 Posts: 825
Oh i know i should have checked before booking, sure I am kicking myself every day. I am thinking of asking how much it would cost to buy the CD if possible without the copywright on them. I have them on a CD with the copywright blazened across all the photos but obviously would love to be able to print my own as i wish. Its a hard Lesson to learn. Was just wondering if its a common theme among photographers!
tilsun Posts: 4506
Would he or she give hem to you for a price, I know I recently spoke to one who sells it to couples for 400, too steep in my opinion but worth trying to negotiate a price
nomla Posts: 787
~Ours is charging €500 for the CD!! ITs all money making!!
tilsun Posts: 4506
I know, luckily we have not booked yet so are shopping around. Really want to have the cd to do with as we please
LittleFoot Posts: 480
our photographer is letting us have the high res c.d for 200 and he is only charging for his services on the day, charge for the album is seprate and we're under no pressure to get it straight after the wedding, i didn't even realise photographers could do that, we were haunted to find this photographer i think!!
tilsun Posts: 4506
Hi Christmas Girl, could you give name of your photographer, may have a look at his stuff
Roger Kenny Posts: 7
Hi, I offer hourly packages where you get a disc of your photos that you can print from. The copyright remains with me but you have my permission to print the photos for your personal use. If you would like any more information please contact me. Thanks, Roger