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marchbride28 Posts: 13
Hi Girls, I need some advice, I got married in March and photographer said he would have edited shots within 5 weeks... He didnt!!! I contacted him and he put them on a website which I could not view. I asked for a Cd to be sent to view them properly and he didnt send it. He FINALLY emailed me the pics and they are not "professional" quality..... eyes closed, out of focus etc Long story short he wont reply to emails, all the numbers I got for him are cut off and he has 4 addresses that he doesnt use. I have since been told there are a quite a few people trying to track him down. I have contacted citizens advice and they said there is nothing I can do without an address. OHHHH and Yes I have paid in full :( Please someone give me some advice on what to do????
LittleLily Posts: 3682
Any chance the photographer is a registered supplier on WOL? Or are they registered with any photographic professional organisations that you could get in contact with him through?
marchbride28 Posts: 13
He's not registered on here but has posted to other brides offering his service (number supplied goes to voicemail) there are no bad reviews on here..... no idea how that can be possible, he has been horrible to deal with. :(
sok2013 Posts: 55
Ahhhh! Nightmare situation, you poor thing. :( Have you tried calling by his studio/listed addess, is his website still active and in use? There is surely something a solicitors letter can do but you are a wee bit snookered without address. Are you in a position to warn others with a name? Is he popular? Where are you based marchbride?
marchbride28 Posts: 13
Thats the thing, His listed "studio" address is vacant, has been for over a year. I am Based in dublin and he is a 2Hr drive away, tho I have the area in which he lives so im sure someone up there will be able to point me in the right direction so my next step is to call at his home..... I am not going to name and shame just yet as I am waiting on my solicitor to get back to me. Its driving me mad :(
Wedding Cars Ireland Posts: 1970
Hi, If he has a website, check the domain name through something like 'Whois' (Google it), to find out the address of the owner of the site and possibly other details. The Getaway Team.
little missi Posts: 116
Oh my god this sounds awful you poor thing, it's the one major thing that scares me about suppliers!! If u don't mind me asking, did u have wedding insurance?? What about if you got a friend to ring asking to meet as she's looking to get married and when she has a date/time you go with and slap a solicitors letter on him/her. I know it's awful that nothing can bring back your day to get the photos done but even if you got a refund r something it may make you feel better.... Hope this helps....
ki83 Posts: 27
Pm'd u. X