Photographer that gives disc of photos?

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bubbled Posts: 79
I'm having trouble finding a photographer that either offers a package where they just give you a disc of the photos from the day or includes a disc of the photos you chose from your album as a package with your album. Wedding will be in dublin. I know a lot of photographers give a cd which is a slideshow of the images taken, but these aren't printable. We really want digital copies of our photos, There were some other posts on this which I have looked at and contacted those photographers, I'm just wondering if anyone has any other names to put forward? Any suggestions would be apprecited, thanks!
Valkstar Posts: 2747
Our photographer has this as part of his service. We haven't collected our photos yet but he was soooo nice and helpful on our day. Even the other suppliers like hairdresser and make up artist were impressed by him. His name is Michael Ryan and his prices are fantastic too. He starts from under €1000.
jenny07 Posts: 345
We are using Theresa Aherne and she will provide you with a disc:
monkeybear Posts: 1926
Hi there i emailled lots of photographers and asked if they offered a disc only package that we could print ourselves with all the photos from the day cos i really didnt want to have to pick and choose between pics heres the quotes i got for high resolution CD only packages for aug 2009 E1100 E900 E2000 E1400 E1200 E1600 (this is who we picked) hope this is of some help to you :wv
bubbled Posts: 79
Thanks a million for the replies, all a great help! :thnk
09bridetobe Posts: 218
Jenny -Can I ask how expensive Theresa Aherne was? Her pics are fab on her site!
jenny07 Posts: 345
Sure. Her basic package with CD only is €1300. She's a really nice woman in her 20s and is really into taking candid shots. I liked her easy going nature and she's based locally so it was an easy choice for me in the end.
09bridetobe Posts: 218
Thats great to hear!!! Thanks a mil. Just popped her a mail.
BigBird09 Posts: 349
OUr photographer - Mike Burke Photography - does the CD deal for 1100, I think. Worth a look.
shuvvy Posts: 126
Our photographer also does the cd as part of his package. Also included is preview album, album, and an engagement photo that all your guests sign at wedding and he frames. His name is Michael Edwards (8470110) and we found him great to deal with and the photos are fantastic