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Sabriana Posts: 3
Hi... we're getting married in November 2014 in West Cork. I am not from around there originally and need help with photography pricing. I am trying to set a budget and can't get an idea of how much I want to spend! Some of the photographers have prices on their websites and some don't. So what did you pay for your photos and would you do it differently now after the fact - like would you pay for an album up front or wait until later? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks! Sabriana
MoonLight Studio Photography Posts: 65
Hi Sabriana, With a photographers is like with a cars. U can get a cheap Micra or very expensive Mercedes :) But sometimes ts better to take more reliable Toyota for a price of Mercedes :) What I mean is that u can get very cheap photographer and be sorry later on when you see the pictures. Their quality, colors may be just bad :( Or you can get very expensive photographer and get quality pictures. But what is great for one may be just terrible for other.Some photographers just do group shots and only posed pictures. When other (like myself) mostly focus on a photojournalism. I capture emotions, moments from running away. Im trying to be transparent during wedding and people barely notice im around. Of course there is a time for posed group or individual shots but its minor. It's up to your own preferences what type of photos you are looking for. If you'r interested in a type of photography i do please drop me a message or email and i'll let you know the pricing etc. ---------------------------------------- MoonLight Studio Mobile: (085) 13 45 354 E-mail: [email protected] Website: Blog: Facebook: Supplier page: