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ozzybride2be Posts: 39
Hiya! We're looking for a photographer with a difference. An arty style or with the ability to catch the moments that we would never think of and the moments I have thought of. I want it all basically. :o0 :o0 :o0 Has anyone any suggestions of people they've worked with or had??? Thanks in advance!!
Knightsbride Posts: 115
Have a look at Aspect and Savo, both are great but will set you back a few quid. I also came across an up and coming guy Wanderley Massafelli, his work looks good and packages very reasonable :)
Lauraboo Posts: 8
Hi There, I have to recommend our fabulous photographer....his name is Gareth McGaughey and he catches the most amazing realtime moments...he has a great eye for what makes a great can feel the emotion just looking at them. he has a website under his name if you google him! He was recommended to us by a friend, who had seen his work as she works with a hotel and he was there photographng a small wedding. Once i saw his work i could imagine my pics on the day! I cant wait til October now for our big day! Laura
CoolInterestingUserName Posts: 326
Paul Kelly | Studio 3 and Frainphoto both come to mind They have the artsy or magazine editorial feel to them.. Not cheap but are very high quality and excellent. Nice guys too. Both are listed here on WOL
JanetSnakehole Posts: 116
Can't speak highly enough for Pawel Bebenca ( His style is incredibly, but not only that he's just lovely and puts you at ease on the day. I'm normally quite uncomfortable in front of a camera, and he really made the whole day/experience lovely!
MrsBou2015 Posts: 6
We've hired Chris Dolinny. Found him online and loved his style. Had an engagement shoot with him and loved the pics he took. Was so nice n put us so at ease. barely noticed he was there. Based in Kilkenny but travels around for reasonable fee. Great price aswell
Loumaher Posts: 21
You should have a look at We Are The Mastersons. Their photographs are amazing
ShinyBride Posts: 418
We've booked Darek Novak (, he lives in Sligo but travels. He's very reasonable and absolutely lovely to deal with. His work is often featured on I've also heard good things about Pawel Bebenca and love We Are The Mastersons' work too. We also looked into Poppies and Me but they were out of our budget.
paul duane photography Posts: 408
:wv hi there take a little look at my style, it may not be the style you're after so no worries if its not, but feel free to drop me an email if you want to chat further. Paul