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Murrayr1 Posts: 7
Getting married in Kilbride, Co.Meath with the afters in Castleknock Hotel this coming January. I don't like the gardens in Castleknock hotel and the inside isn't what we're looking for for the photographs. Can ANYONE think of ANYWHERE near those venues that has nice gardens with an indoor option in case of bad weather? Farmleigh will let us use the gardens but not the house... Lutterlstown Castle won't let you use it unless you're having the wedding there...
Vedalovelo Posts: 164
I'm thinking of the furry glen in the phoenix park. Hanging ribbons or tea lights or something. what about down by the lakes in the phoenix park or by the band stand near the zoo (shelter) or the little tea house thingy. or the visitor centre? there's a big walled garden that grows veggies. suppose it depends of taste. those places will only work if you're feeling artsy and hipstery... :hic
dmcphotography Posts: 1365
Hi Murrayr1 The phoenix Park and the grounds of Farmleigh House are probably your best option but of course that is all dependent on the weather. If you intend to use the grounds at Farmleigh you will have to apply about a month in advance and your photographer will have to submit their insurance details in advance too. If no insurance details are available you will not be allowed to use the grounds for photos Don't forget that by about 3.45pm in January it will be getting dark for taking photos outside. Bearing in mind that if you are having a Church wedding you need to allow about 90 minutes from the time you walk up the aisle until you have finished shaking hands with your guests afterwards so no later than 1pm for a January wedding is preferable if you want outside photos afterwards. There are really no alternative suitable indoor locations available in the general area of Castleknock I'm afraid. Hi Vedalovelo. Your ideas are great but the locations you mention are popular with general visitors so getting photos with a clear background could be a problem and if you intend to spruce up the locations with artsy decorations as you arrive there for photos you simply may not have the time to do it. If you decorate the area in advance your decorations probably would not be there when you arrive for the photos, or the Park regulations may not even permit it. Probably as well to check about that in advance. David McLean ph. 086-0684415