Photoshop for DIYing

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Bridester Posts: 920
Hi all, For you guys that use photoshop for your DIYing - can I ask how much was it and did you get enough use out of it to justify the expense? Also I think you can but I just wanted to ask can you sharpen images with photoshop? Thinking of a pattern that I saw online but close up it's quite grainy. Thanks Ladies!
nepifer Posts: 278
You can download it and use it free for 30 days :-) You need to see how big the image you are using is, it might be that it's too small and has been made bigger and lost quality...I work on Photoshop very often I can give u a hand if you want. O:o)
Bridester Posts: 920
Very interesting - will check this out when I get home.
me-ach Posts: 83
There is a free version, downloadable from cnet, very good! ... entBody;1d was recommended to me on a computer course
Bridester Posts: 920
That is brilliant - thanks a million! :thnk