Physiotherapy ante natal classes

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mrs pitt Posts: 164
Have booked in for a one day Saturday antenatal course in oct in Coombe when i'll be about 32 weeks. at yoga class one of the girls who is only 19 weeks pg said she has started attending physiotherapy ante natal classes and was advised by her consultant that all first time mothers should do these. This was never mentioned to me and I presumed they must be for people with bad backs or something. Anyone attend them and attend so early?
taurus09 Posts: 484
in the coombe you need to book the parent education anti natal classes and the physiotherapy classes seperately. I did the one day parent education one with dh, and then did about 3 or 4 physiotherapy ones about 2 months before i was due i think. I can't find the link on their site any more but give them a ring and they should be able to put you on some physio classes. here's the link that explains it [url:h9404uns][/url:h9404uns]