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bridesmaid 2b Posts: 38
Hi everyone, Just wondering how everyone decided on their bridesmaid dresses? Did you pick them and narrow it down to a few before you brought your bridesmaid's dress shopping or just give them free reign or what? Also how did ye decide on the colour? I always thought I wanted purple bridesmaid dresses but a few friends/family have had purple and I want to be a bit different! But then on the other hand I feel if I don't have purple I might regret it down the line as I always had it 'in my head'! Now I'm also getting to like royal blue because everyone always tells me that colour looks well on me! Another friend then has recently told me green bridesmaid dresses would be fab with my colouring (I've red hair and blue eyes...) So confused! Just wondering what the deciding factor for other brides was? Did ye pick yer favourite colour/go with what suits your complexion and will make you look well or any other deciding factors?? I'd really appreciate yer thoughts and opinions!! :)
louthgirl2013 Posts: 48
I am only having one so it is easy and just giving her free reign to go with what she likes. If she chose a colour I hated obviously there would need to be some negotiation but so far the colours she likes I'm happy with. I have been bridesmaid four times and each time we all went shopping with the bride and kept trying on stuff until there was something we all liked. This could be a bit of a nightmare though if you have a few all with different opinions and ideas O:| A friend of mine was bridesmaid and got a text one day saying dresses chosen, sending on a pic now, which I think was horrendous, there was no discussion over style or colour and she absolutely hated what was chosen! Also one more thing, surely it would be more important that the colour scheme suits your bridesmaids as it's them who will be wearing the dress?
Claddagh1981 Posts: 1117
Green would be gorgeous if you want to be different, and there are so many shades of green that would compliment you, would be fabulous. I went for pink. My venue is black and white very 1940s and I needed a pop of color. Iv two blondes and two dark hair girls and the color was really pretty on them, so iv used pink as my accent color. To pick the dress itself I know I wanted something soft and flowey, so went for a floor length chiffon gown with beading under the bust to compliment every shape. Look online and see if there is a style you rather over others, make sure the girls like them and feel comfy in them :)
stupidname2013 Posts: 924
Mine was black and white theme - so I picked the colour. We narrowed it down to three dessy dresses, tried them, picked our favourite and that was it....very lucky!!
fairylady88 Posts: 55
OK so I'm feeling a bit mean now. My bridesmaids getting all their stuff for the day handed to them. Not having anything to do with picking them or anything. These 2 girls are totally cool with this, started off as a joke in the beginning coz h2b is doing the organising but now were going don't tell the bride style..
louthgirl2013 Posts: 48
Didn't mean that fairy lady, you checked with them friend hadn't discussed anything with the bride she literally just got the text out of the blue, if they are happy with that happy days!!
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Nostress Posts: 1606
Colourwise just kinda happened for me... I always had 1 or 2 colours in my head but after picking venue and my dress the colour scheme just became vintage On the style - I didn't mind at all. BM picked. I came up with some dresses I liked on line and emailed her then we went shopping and settled on one we both liked.
orlipantso Posts: 337
I kinda picked several that i liked and showed to my bm and she chose in the end!I love the dress so im happy enough :) I did tell her what colour tho.
Hunybear Posts: 96
My colours are ivory and gold for the wedding so the colour i'm having for bmaids is venetian gold. I picked 5 different dessy dresses that i love in that colour and then the bmaids can pick from that. They're all cool with this and like all 5 dresses so we'll prob go try them on and see which one each bmaid prefers. I'd love to have them all in the same dress but if they like 3 different ones i'd be ok with that as long as they are all the same colour. :o)ll
PSitsShells Posts: 38
I gave my BM's full rein... In my head I was thinking navy or burgundy dresses but they tried on a dark grey dress and loved it, so that's the one I bought. I understand that some brides want to pick colours as they have themes in mind, but the most important thing IMO is that they are comfortable and feel beautiful! I think the fit of the dress is more important than the colour....