Picking your dress in the first bridal shop you visit

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busyplanning Posts: 10
Hi all, I started wedding dress shopping during the week with no real intention of buying anything but just to start getting a feel of what was out there and the kind of styles that would suit me. Anyways, the first shop I went to, I tried on a dress....and I just loved it :compress, my bridesmaids loved it on me too. So Ive gone with that dress. From reading the posts here, Im just wondering was I a bit hasty buying in the first place....do most folk try a couple of places before settling on a dress??.
teapotty Posts: 2085
How long is it until your wedding? I went to a shop very soon after getting engaged just to have a look- quite literally as my mam is going to make my dress for me so we were just getting ideas. But the first dress I tried on in that first shop was really fab (it was a one-off, the one in the shop was the only one to be had) and nothing I've tried on since has been quite as nice. I reckon if my mam wasn't making my dress I would not have bought that first dress (it's that silly thing us ladies do, ya can't buy the first thing you try on!!) and I reckon I'd have really regretted it as I'm sure it sold quick enough cos it was really fab. So basically what I'm saying is that if you loved it then you did the right thing to buy it. But now you should probably sort of stop looking at dresses or else you'll see other ones you like too and start to doubt your choice!!!
tworascals Posts: 84
Im a bridesmaid and the bride bought the first dress she tried on in the first shop she has been too. Has no intentions of going to any other shops. It was just the perfect dress for her and suited all her needs. I remember getting my dress, it wasnt the first dress i tried on but i just knew it was the right dress for me. In my opinion of its the one you know!
petersgirl Posts: 1568
Think a lot of people are surprised that they end up buying one of the first ones they try on, but it does happen. I didn't fall in love with anything in the first shop I went to, saw 2 in the next, another in the next, and on the 4th visit found my dress! But go for it! If you fell for the dress, can't say fairer than that :wv
pinklady2 Posts: 402
I am with ya on that one, I tryed one a cple months ago as I cud not get it out of me head after seeing it.It was perfect on me I felt I cud have walked dwn the aisle there and then when I put it on...I am goin back nxt month I am sure I wll get it. I am goin to two other shops aswell but that is beacuse I want to experiance the fun of dress shopping..:) and get my BM to try sum dresses on.. :o)ll
happybride11 Posts: 73
I seen a dress on line and fell in love (sounds sad hahahaha). went to a bridal shop tried it and 8 others on, some totally different some alike and none were as nice as the one i seen on line. i went on my own shopping too and my mam and sister seen the dress and now i'm ordering it on line next wednesday!!! i'm with ya, you totally can have one dress!!! i cant wait to order it. ps i'm ordering from house of brides and its the alfred angelo 1136!!!! :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
mini mouse Posts: 213
i bought the 2nd dress i tried on in the 1st shop i went too :) i have seen other ones since that i like but when i look at mine again there not as nice... it just feels right and suits me down to the ground.. My wedding is not until next year and some people were saying it was far too early to buy the dress but if you feel in you heart that it is the right one for you then i say go for it!!!!
mini mouse Posts: 213
just had a look at your dress happybride11... it looks fab:) the style of it is like mind but with different beading
busyplanning Posts: 10
Thanks everyone for the replies.....I had tried on a couple of dresses in the shop before i tried on the 'one' but after just wasnt sure should i have tried more shops than just one before making the decision. Anyways, just to be quell those niggling thoughts, I went back to the shop this weekend and tried it on again and Im completly sold!!!....So im delighted!!... :compress Isnt it so funny when youre not really looking for something you find it :hyper:...that first day I was only looking to get ideas. Thanks everyone for the replies!!. Best of luck with all ye're days and Happy Planning!!
MrsTwit Posts: 842
I've only been to 3 bridal shops but am going back to the first one this week to put a deposit down on the dress I fell in love with the first day as nothing else I've seen compares to it and I don't want to waste any more time looking!! I think you know yourself if your 100% happy or not, and if you are then go for it!!