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Sarah1988 Posts: 67
Hi, I want to set up an app or something similar where guests can upload pictures after our wedding. Does anyone know of what would be a good app to use? And would anyone have any nice wording to use in a frame to let people know about it? Would it be enough to have a few frames around the place to inform people (reception bar, bar in room, in toilet, near stage) or would I need to have a frame on every table. I will have over 20 tables and don't want the added expense of over 20 frames. TIA.
mrsmcc2502 Posts: 497
Wed pics is a good app, I was thinking of doing this but I don't know if people would be bothered uploading! You could always just get a hashtag going for Instagram? There are some nice suggestions just on Google images that I saw when I looked this up w while ago can't think of them but they were nice! You could always print them on thick card and scatter a few on each table? Or you could buy small cheap mini easels (the size that hold a credit card) and do 2/3 per table? A good place to display it at the guest book signing table if you have one, beside the table plan, and also in the ladies bathroom!
leavesfall Posts: 19
Why, just use Instagram. Wedding apps come and go while Instagram stays. It's the best way to reach to your close ones and other people. I even use some apps like [url:20nnybzk][/url:20nnybzk] for gaining popularity!