Pig on the Spit Indoors

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Sarah1988 Posts: 67
We are hoping to have a pig on the spit for day 2 of our wedding. the problem is our wedding is in March and with the chances of weather not being great we are wondering if it is possible to have a pig on the spit indoors? Maybe this is a ridiculous thought and we would have to have an outdoor area to have it. We are thinking of booking an area in a pub and perhaps a beer garden would be able to host the pig on the spit. Any previous experience of such an event for day 2 would be great.
mrsmcc2502 Posts: 497
My best friend had this for her evening buffet and it was served inside, I assume it was cooked elsewhere and then brought in warm in time for the buffet!
Sarah1988 Posts: 67
Oh that's great thanks.