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MrsP2B Posts: 180
Don't know if anyone has experienced the same but am 35 weeks and have started to get dark pigmentation on my face someone said that this was normal but does this go away when baby is born or is there cream you can use. Am using and always have used sun protection on my face so am confused as to how I have got it.
tasket Posts: 306
This is called chloasma or "mask of pregnancy" and is fairly common. It goes away for most people after the baby's born. The sun makes it worse so keep wearing your sunscreen!
Gerbera Posts: 539
I got this towards the end of my last pregnancy and got a moisturiser to help it. I think it was Repair Wear from Clinique, but it definitely did the trick as nothing else seemed to shift it. They do a hand cream in it as well that my mother used and found it great. For some people it just goes after pregnancy, but with me it wasn't budging!
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
I was only reading the leaflet I got with sunscreen last night and came across this "Pregnancy mask"comment.I wasnt sure what it was until now. Anyway The cream I bought is La Roche-Posay its a factor 50+ for the face but you can get it in all factors and for everyone on the body. I have terrible pigmentation on my back( not pg BTW)I know how annoying it is but worst for you as its on your face. Hope it clears soon for you and take care