pilates while pregnant?

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twinkle30 Posts: 155
hi ladies, I have been doing pilates for the last 2 months and find it great for my back. As i have a history of back problems and of course really on a mission to strengthen it up now that i am pregnant. am 9 weeks at present. i want to do another course and enquired with the instructor if it was ok as i was pg, she said they dont reccommend pilates once you are over 12 weeks. i am obviously gutted as i know i am going to be plagued by my back once i start expanding. any of you ladies doing pilates through your pregnancy?
La La Land Posts: 226
Hi Twinkle, there are special antenatal pilates classes you can do - I don't think a regular class would be suitable. I did antenatal pilates on my last pregnancy - I had to wait until week 12 and get my Dr to sign a consent form. I found it great. I'm now 11 weeks pregnant and starting another antenatal pilates class this saturday so really looking forward to that and stretching out my back etc.. There is a list on Rollercoaster of antenatal classes for all counties so hopefully there's one near you. Best of luck x
jelly beans Posts: 170
hi twinkle, as la la land said, there are pregnancy specific ones - i did a great course, run by a physiotherapist who specialises in pre and post natal treatment. depends where you are based obviously but she is in bodyelements in Sandyford. the course also entitles you to a free physio session (adn you get a separate receipt for that - handy for claiming with health insurance or whatever) - found her really good.
FingersCrossed2010 Posts: 71
Pilates and Yoga are not advised for the first 14 wks of pregnancy due to tummy muscle strain. You can go back after the 14wks but with alterations. If your teacher isnt up to speed on pregnancy yoga / pilates, to be on the safe side, i'd go to a specific pregnancy class. Would swimming or aqua aerobics be beneficial to cover you for the next few wks until you can start back ??