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mischa09 Posts: 1068
Hi girls I've just discovered recently that i have what seems like the dreaded piles. They're not really that painful but they are visibly there and bleeding a little when i go to the loo. Can anyone suggest a treatment for them or have any advice? :-8 Thanks M
playabella Posts: 543
Poor you Mischa09. They are a nightmare. I have suffered from them in the past and found that the only way to treat them is with a cream. You can get some in any chemists. To avoid getting them in the future get plenty of ruffage into your diet and drink plenty of water. Unfortunately though they can sometimes be unavoidable during pregnancy.
hopingforsoon Posts: 1152
I've used Anusol suppositories in the past (I only get internal ones) and found them brilliant. And I think they do a cream as well. The other cream I can think of is Preparation H.
Bun in Oven Posts: 241
Yes, and it says on the Preparation H that it is safe to use during pregnancy and breast feeding. I found great relief when I sat in a bath of coolish water with some tea tree oil in it and then applied the Prep H. They are horrible things; I know what you are going through :o(. I got them when I gave birth cos I pushed for so long (4 hours - eek!)
fancypants Posts: 453
I got them too from pushing during delivery and it was teh worst pain I have ever had - Make sure you don't let it stop you poo-ing! I did and gave myself awful trouble - I swear am dreading it happening again Only cream that worked for me was one called Hemoclin ( I will be stocking up in case it happens again) that and taking lactulose ( a stool softener!! - lovely) just to help me 'go' but it was still fe-king agony!!!! Once I got over that it did improve - swear by that cream found the other useless for clearing up the problem - temporary relife but not getting rid!
mischa09 Posts: 1068
Thanks for the replies. They weren't sore when i first noticed them but they are getting sore now! I will call in to the chemist and get something on the way home from work. I'm just concerend that during labour i might tear or need an episiotomy.. Would this not be dangerous seeing as they are swolen blood vessels??
Lilac Gerber Posts: 179
[color=indigo:37cls04w]I had piles after DS was born. I tried anusol but found that scheriproct was better. U need a prescription for it but U could ask ur doc on ur next visit. Also used lactalose to avoid constipation. Ahhhhh, the wonder of it all O:| [/color:37cls04w]
holmum Posts: 84
The dreaded piles, girls I tell you try and get rid of them before the birth or deal with them as soon as possible thereafter. I had them before I gave birth, I read somewhere that you cant take the suppositories when preganant so put up with them for a while but eventually mentioned it to my doc and he said if I was in pain then of course I should take supposotaries. I used the Sheriproct cream and supposotaries per birth, it eased a little but with a natural birth they were back. when I left the hosptial i asked the midwife if she would give me a prescritption for something for them and she said to concentrate on getting my stiches (i had an etponsipy (spelling!) better first, so this is what i did and it was a couple of weeks before I mentioned it to my doc. He took a look said that they looked pretty bad and gave me more prescriptions. No joy, back to Doc who referred me to a surgen and in the end i had to go into a day clinic and get them removed as the surgen said they had clotted outside and there was no way they were going to go back in. (sorry too much information!) The pain after this op was terrible and I had a stroke of bad luck in that as soon as i had the op, another pile came down and clotted and I had to go back the following week and have that one off, which second time around was not as painfull. I am still not prefect down there but I am a hell of a lot better. so moral of the story is, eat well dont get constipated, go to the doc and getter the proper cream on prescrition (i found anything over the counter useless) plus drink loads of water. Sorry for the crap spelling but I wanted to post my story to maybe save someone else! :wv :o0
mischa09 Posts: 1068
Oh god holmum - you poor thing! I hope that doesnt happen to me. I have lactose at home - how often should i take this??