Pill delaying a period question

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miss choc Posts: 1270
My period is due this week my holidays are the exact week next month 21st I want to delay it. Do I do my 7 free days as normal this month and then continue to take them after April period then take one packet after another with no 7 free days when it comes to next May. Being a while since I did this and have forgotten if I have to take one pkt one after another now or next month to avoid the May period.
whereland Posts: 472
take your 7 pill free days this month to have your april period then when it comes to may don't take your 7 day break, meaning you will have no may period. I do this every few months, I used to worry about it but have asked a number of doctors and they have all said its fine.
miss choc Posts: 1270
Great I couldnt rem I thought I would have to take this pkt one after another to avoid the May period thanks for that.
Mia Taylor Posts: 13
It works, but it can mess up your hormone levels. If you can, avoid it