Pimiping pregnancy dates

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workingmom Posts: 3429
I know someone who is due within a few days of me, everytime people ask how far along she is, she is pimping the dates and saying, oh I'm 6 months now, for example, when we are both 5 and a half, it drives me nuts, as I don't count that I am 6 months, till I am actually past the 6 month mark.... same with weeks, till I have the full week gone, I don't count it, for example, I am now 25 and 4 days, to me, I am 25 weeks, but she says she is 27! Am I wrong with my counting strategy?
alton Posts: 3077
I don't think she is doing herself any favours because she'll be plagued with calls and texts when she is coming close on her due date, and if she goes overdue, she'll be driven round the bend with advice and questions. I find, because I think of it in weeks, and everyone who isn't pregnant thinks of it in months, that I have to do a bit of mental calculation everytime I'm asked and with my brain turning to mush, I can't really be held responsible for the answer.
Moet for me Posts: 1841
Pimping her dates :o0 :o0 :o0 I love it How exciting having a friend on the same dates as you. At 24 weeks I suppose she could say 6 months couldn't she? Generally a month is 4 ish weeks. The actual 9 months thing is a bit different because it starts from when you actually get pregnant (not when the 1st day of your last period is) and is calendar months but just rounding off isn't a big difference but she should subtract 2 weeks. No one ever remembers how far along you are though except due dates so I wouldn't worry about them thinking you are further along based on her dates. Changing the weeks is a bit strange of her but if you go to the VHI website it tells you that you are a week further along than you are eg at 19 +1 you are in week 20.
workingmom Posts: 3429
Ah, I see Moet, maybe that's it. Personally, I still prefer to err on the side of caution, as my mom always says, never count your chickens... I am happy to say I am 25 weeks pregnant, with 15 to go, I am almost getting panicky!
mrssunflower Posts: 3651
I know I get confused when people ask me how far along I am as I count in weeks and they try and convert it wrongly to months :o0 Found this website Trimesters Months Weeks first one 1-4 two 5-8 three 9-13 second four 14-17 five 18-21 six 22-26 third seven 27-30 eight 31-35 nine 36-40 This makes me 5 moths or "in my fifth month" as I'm not actually 5 months until the 16th of september. It just sooo confusing but I could be guilty of pimping dates too :o0 :o0
Hot Mama Posts: 206
Nah she just sounds a bit mental to me !! :o0
totalnovice Posts: 787
I hate being asked how far gone i am cos i always think in weeks cos its easier but people want to hear months. But according to What to expect - week 23 - week 27 is the 6th month so she is about right.
Jeidi Posts: 3128
I have to agree with you, that would drive me mental aswell. At the moment I'm 18w 5d. If anyone askes me when I'm less than half way through a week I'd say 18w, but after the half way mark, I'd say "almost 19 weeks" Sounds like she is wishing her time away when she should be enjoyoing every last minute of it like we are :o0
Barbalou Posts: 1617
Same as you Jeidi, if someone asks today I'd say I'm in my 20th week( with the 21st week staring on Sunday), if they asked last Monday I'd have said 19 weeks down/gone. But going on Months I'd say 4&1/2 months. It really is a funny one if you think about it.
lovebug997 Posts: 4034
I'm the same as Jeidi! Change of weeks oficially on a Sunday so up to Wednesday I had said I was 34 weeks but from Thursday on I'm "nearly" 35! Is it possible thought that she feels big and is telling people she's further along than she is cos she's fed up of people telling her that the baby is going to be huge! I've seen a few comments on here from time to time about people's insensitive comments about being huge for their dates and they often fudge their dates a bit to avoid dealing with this type of people?