pink bm dresses groomsmen??

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miss choc Posts: 1270
Thinking of having a pale or duskypink for my bridesmaids how would I incorporate that colour into the groomsmens outfits without going overboard on the pink
crazychick Posts: 763
Ties/cravats and maybe you could get the florist to incorporate some flowers that colour or some ribbons or sparkly things in their buttonholes (isn't that the name of the flowers they wear! Doesn't sound right somehow!) *)
Bright Star Posts: 756
Hi miss choc i am having Pink BM's and no Suit Hire shop could accommodate the colour in anything so i got 3 carvats made and they are fab!! Matching Dresses & carvats of GM is the norm as far as i can see but its entirely up to you :wv
Domestic Goddess Posts: 101
accessorising with the buttonholes is a great idea, if your boys may not want to wear pink ties!
miss choc Posts: 1270
Yeah guess it depends on the pink for the cravats once its not a mad bright pink think the guys wouldnt mind Might just do the buttonholes and a dark grey/navy suit cream cravat grey or a dark navy goes well with pink
Royallass Posts: 19
Yeah I'm also havin pink bms so we got the lads sorted with lovely pink cravats to match. they look really well, one of the lads doesnt think so - butya cant please everyone O-O
Chococat Posts: 1632
If the men won't wear pink then: 1. Make them or 2. Dress them in silver cravats, it will still look good.
miss choc Posts: 1270
good idea :xxx silver goes lovely with pink any ideas on their suit which is nicer navy or a dark grey?
Gonetopasturesgreener Posts: 3556
My BMs wore a very deep pink. DH and his groomsmen wore silver ties. I tied in the colour with the buttonholes.
.... Posts: 667