Piriton when pregnant?

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Baby Powder Posts: 265
Does anyone know if I can take even just one? My hayfever is seriously bad today, have literally sneezed 100's of times, I have the nose spray from boots and it's doing nothing. :weep am sitting inside with all the windows closed, and just showered to remove any pollen and I'm still sneezing. My gp's closed as is the chemist, and it's all I have at home. I googled it and there seems to be mixed answers, so hoping someone here can help me!
Northernbelle Posts: 75
I had a reaction to something last year when pregnant & the pharmacy told me piriton was a no-no!
gopro Posts: 1801
zirtek is fine during pregnancy I have to take it daily and took during both pregnancies look NHS guidelines no pharmacist will give anything while pregnant
marriedLife Posts: 1881
I heard a consultant who specializes in allergies on Newstalk last week and a pregnant woman text in to ask what she can take. He said they don't like for you's to take anything by the mouth for it as they just don't know the effects on baby. But he said that anything through the nose is fine.
Flower Girl Posts: 1645
I'm a GP and this issue comes up a lot during the summer months. Piriton has been used for years in pregnancy - particularly for bad rashes - and is felt to be very safe. Most doctors would prescribe it over the newer antihistamines because there's less experience with them. Nasal steroid sprays are also thought to be safe and work very well - that's what I used myself when I was pregnant last summer.
oldwife Posts: 170
sorry to hijack but what about nasal sprays for sinus Flowergirl? My doc told me on my last pregnancy I can only use saline as there was something with sinus sprays restricting blood vessels or something?
Flower Girl Posts: 1645
Yes, the decongestant-type sprays aren't recommended for this reason. Now, the chances of something you spray up your nose reaching your uterus in sufficient dose to cause problems is fairly unlikely - I don't know that there's ever been a case of fetal harm due to these sprays. But as far as I know the official advice is to avoid them because of the theoretical risk.
Baby Powder Posts: 265
Thanks for that flowergirl, luckily the pollen wasn't top high the last couple of days, so never ended up taking anything. Was at my GP this morning, she told me no piriton but I could use flixonase.