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MrsAC Posts: 1190
Hi ladies, Do any off you know thd prices for newborn pics in puxid photos ?? Or their casting and photo package, want to get it done why baby is born Thanks
Littlepud Posts: 945
I dont know how much they are now but when i got dd done in Aug 11, she was 1 week old. The full set of photos cost me €160 which i thought was very cheap. I hadn't even planned on getting them done but was passing by Boots and the photographer was in that day so i went for it, and I'm so glad i did
CherylC Posts: 1071
Its €10 for the sitting and one print (and they often have offers for that for €5 or free - check their website). We've got a few there and they are good. If you want to buy more pics its gets expensive - but the sets tend to be better value. We got a hand and foot print thing done in mothercare too - its done by an outside company Memory Makers so check their website. The hand and foot print in clay with frame was €90. I think the casts are a bit more expensive.
MrsAC Posts: 1190
Thanks a mil for the info ladies dying to get them done when baby comes