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missbridie2b Posts: 183
I'm not having the usual wedding favours, instead I am donating to the Charity associated with the illness my mother died from. Would it be ok to combine the favour with my place card settings? What I'm think of is getting a business type cards made up where the name of the guest would be printed on the front and at the very bottom I would have line like "We have chosen a special way to say thank you for sharing our special day..." You turn it over then on the back it would read "In lieu of a traditional wedding favour, we have made a donation on your behalf to XXX in memory of XXX We truly appreciate you being part of our special day Love X & Y I'm not sure what the protocol is so any opinions would be appreciated :thnk
bee0606 Posts: 691
I think that's a lovely idea. The last wedding I was at they had tent cards at each table saying what charity they had donated to and had trolley key rings and badges. The charity they picked was linked to the groom's fathers illness that he'd been suffering from for a few months before the wedding so it was really touching.
shinney3 Posts: 21
I think thats lovely and Im doing something similar in memory of my daughter. Contact the charity because they may have something that they can provide for the tables.
missbridie2b Posts: 183
Thanks for your replies. I'll go with my idea so. Very sorry to hear about your daughter Shinney3. As heart breaking it is to lose a parent, I can't even imagine what it must be like to lose a child x