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Lynm Posts: 33
Hi ladies.... Just wondering for those of you who had a planned section or for those of you who know you are- are you doing anything different i.e packing a bag differently to the lists that are on here? I packed my bag at around 32 weeks before I knew I was having a section, so im not sure if I should re pack? I know you are usually kept in for about 5 days after, so I know for sure I dont have enough clothes for babs, but thats ok as DH can bring the dirty ones home and clean ones in. Really all I have extra for me now is that ive bought a few extra pairs of pj's and underwear. Is there anything else that I need to be prepared for that I wouldnt of been otherwise? I knew others talk about Witch Hazel, Arnica, Tea Tree oil etc... but I think they are for when you are sore "down there"... is there anything that would be recommended for the scar from a section?? I plan on breastfeeding, but want to express more so than feed from the breast.... Do they supply a pump in the hospital or do you bring your own? Any advice/ tips you ladies can give is greatly appreciated!! Thanks
DollyMomma Posts: 1231
Hi Lynm, I'm only pregnant on my first myself so I can't offer any specific advise but I'll pass on what I've picked up from listening to and chatting with other mum's in my pregnancy yoga class. First of all arnica is a must for healing your scar, my yoga teacher says you need to get arnica from Nelson's in Dublin (they're on Duke Street off Grafton Street), if you're not from the area you can phone them up and pay over the phone and they'll post it out to you. She says a lot of the arnica tablets and gels you get in chemists don't have a high enough % of arnica in them so they're not half as effective. Also nighties might be comfier for you than pyjama bottoms, the elastic from the pyjama bottoms can tend to irritate your scar. Also have plenty of pairs of full briefs (aka granny knickers :o0 ) in two or three sizes up from what you normally wear, again these will go up over your scar, normal knickers would probably rest right on your scar line and that could well be uncomfortable. Best of luck with your section!
Lynm Posts: 33
Thanks missdiamonds... I do have a few nighties packed alright as well as pjs. Just back from Tesco and got 2 more packs of "big" knickers... poor dh :o0 Must ask in the hosp on Thurs about the breastfeeding part.
smurf77 Posts: 2216
Bellis per is good for after a section for healing. Nelsons do it and alot of the health shops sell it HTH
Terri1 Posts: 1158
The Tesco disposable knicks aren't as comfy as Penny's massive ones!! They sit on the scar too. Get pyjamas that are a good bit bigger than your own size - again for the comfort around the scar area. Yes hospitals have electric pumps, but you have to buy the attachments and bottles (which are around €30). But most pumps are in the ICU for mothers who are expressing for their LOs. If i was going to express, i'd bring my own.
Perci Posts: 3847
You will have a dressing over your wound for the first while that will provide some padding but I would recommend buying large melolin pads (wound dressings) from Boots which I used for a few weeks after because your trousers/trackies etc will irritate the scar for a while.