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realta Posts: 820
When I got engaged 4 months ago i didn't think i'd get sucked up by the whirlwind that is wedding planning but... We've booked the venue and the church and the band and the dj and the church singers and the makeup artist meeting photographers in the coming weeks. How much fun is this wedding planning lark?! :heartbeat: first dress shopping appointment in the next couple of weeks...can't wait for that!!! :o)ll
olivia123 Posts: 824
glad your enjoying it all. it is definatly a special time. :o0
Gembira Posts: 847
It's difficult not to get caught up in it! It's exciting deciding on all the details and researching it. Some might think it's a chore, but I really loved it! Enjoy!!! :o)ll
excitednerjabride Posts: 869
Ah thats greeat, i find i dont think about anything else to be honest, quite amusing actually---such fun though, just loving it too
realta Posts: 820
i'm being a little one-track minded too...and not in the way my h2b would like :o0
2bhitched Posts: 23
Ha ha my wife2B would rip me if she knew I was saying this but the planning's great!! I've done more than the usual male share, whereas in the beginning she just wasn't 'in to it'. I even printed up the mass booklet and I'm not even Catholic!! It is very exciting, I just dunno what I'm gonna do with my time when there's not a wedding to plan!