Hi, I just want to recommend this shop and its owner, Lynette Douglas. I recently purchased my BM dresses there. I found them in ROI but they were much more expensive - I ended up paying the same amount for 2 dresses in this shop as I would for one in ROI. The dresses were in perfect condition - one was made, the other was a shop sample. Lynette let me know she'd a sale coming up in future but still sold the dresses to me at sale price. There was also no waiting period - she independently contacted the manufacturer to see if they'd a second dress in stock, which they did, and ordered it in, rather than wait the 12 weeks for it to be made. She also put away the shop sample so no one else tried it on between the time of order and collection AND also had it dry-cleaned before she gave it to me. all this was done by email!!!! Her contact details are [email protected] I contacted her through the Tia Loren stockists website. LL