Platinum wedding bands

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chaos Posts: 1904
Girls, whats the average price of platinum wedding bands? we had a quick look today at them, found a fab one with a few diamonds in it but will set us back €2500 :ooh :ooh i had about 1800 in my head. just wondering whats the average, i know the price of it is going up at the moment too.
MrsTiredbride Posts: 3397
Did you have a look at to see if they were more reasonable
sucabo Posts: 324
Hi Chaos, I just went looking last week. I am getting a plain platinum band with no diamonds and it will be roughly €250. The jeweller said that platinum is really expensive at the moment and obviously the smaller the ring, the less it will cost! Definitely shop around though.
chaos Posts: 1904
thanks tired bride, some good prices there. Its a hearts on fire one i love it matches my ering perfectly! h2b is due to go to US in June with work so he might get it over there cheaper, the way the doller is anyway! :thnk
chaos Posts: 1904
ya will definitely shop around. the plain platinum ones werent that nice on me. i have a solitare e ring and a little bit of sparkle was lovely with it. but not too much. sure im only starting to look anyway, so i can pay it off monthly then for the next year.
Gingham Posts: 3014
anyone ordered from that website?some nice rings
rockstar Posts: 1815
have you looked at palladium bands? they're in the same metal group as platinum and are much cheaper!
eddleMc Posts: 33
hi, Myself and my h2b are both getting platinum bands, and they worked out at €3000 altogether- about €2000 more than we intended to spend!
misshomie Posts: 95
Have a look on They're a jewellers in Derry. They were recommended to me and I also know fo 2 others who got their rings there. I had my heart set on a platinum ring with diamonds but my local jewellers was 1500 euro! I ended up getting a plain band in Fallers for £320! I'm delighted with it. They have so much and ll different sizes. HTH.
annie77 Posts: 484
We got my husbands platnium band on this website and worked out about a third of the price we were quoted here. Highly recommend them - hassel free, all you need to have the correct size.