platinum...worth it?

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orls13 Posts: 105
Help i have seen the ring i love , its platinum solitaire with small diamond on almost all of the band. I have seen another ring in white gold, same design, have been told the main diamond is bigger and is 900 euro more expensive. When i looked at both i could see very little difference. My worry is, if i go with the platinum is it going to turn grey on the band. I love it now but im afraid it will look dull and I like the shiny appearance of white gold but have been told that could dull as well....i guess my question is if you were choosing again would you go for white gold or platinum. The platinum one ironically is costing me less and to my untrained eye looks the same. however over the course of my life time i dont want to make my decision based on 900 euro!
corkiegirl Posts: 825
White gold goes dull. It needs to be dipped ie; re-plated with rhodium plating. But platinum just needs to be polished, not dipped. So I think platinum goes a bit dull, the way all jewellery does and needs polishing but that is different to having to get white gold re-plated. Platinum is also a lot stronger metal than gold.
siofrabeag Posts: 58
I don't know I think Platium rings definitely dull at a quicker rate than white gold..and to get a white gold ring dipped is pretty inexpensive, something like 20-30e every few years..I also read somewhere that most professionals in the jewellery business would chose white gold when buying their own ring.
excitedlady Posts: 431
Platinum is more expensive so if that ring is cheaper it could suggest the diamond is inferior to the white gold ring. My rings are white gold. I wanted platinum but hubbie does a lot of research into everything and as someone else said most jewellers themselves actually buy white gold over platinum but recommend platinum to customers because if the profits they make on it. In my opinion though it's the quality of the diamond over the type of metal that's important. A good diamond will always look good.
flor Posts: 1621
i also wondered about this when getting my engagement ring & was considering ordering it in platinum as opposed to white gold as i thought it would be more durable etc. however, when i brought it up with the lady in the jewellery shop who we dealt with (she's also the owner & has years of experience in the business) she told me honestly that if it were her, she would choose white gold over platinum as the white gold is brighter and shows up the sparkle of the stones better, plus it is easy & relatively inexpensive to dip, whereas the platinum dulls with age & wouldn't show up the stones as well, even after polishing... She was losing out on a few hundred € in profit by telling me this, so I think it was proof she was being truthful. Plus, if you go with a platinum engagement ring, you will also have to go with a platinum wedding band and you may end up not being as lucky with the price as you were for the e-ring. Just my experience on the matter anyway.
Lovepurple Posts: 65
I have a platinum engagement ring and I love it. Mine was hand made by a family friend and at the time platinum and white gold were the same cost for him to buy, so just goes to show how much the shops but the price up by. I have mine 3 years now and yea the band is scratched but not very badly. I plan on getting it properly shined up before the wedding to match my wedding band. A friend of mine had a white gold engagement ring and had it reset into platinum by the same guy who done mine. And since then another friend is wondering how much it would cost her to do the same. Its personal choice really but im glad I went with platinum. Yes it dulls and scratches but takes a quick trip to the jewelers and its sorted. Its a much heavier metal which means it wont go out of shape over the years etc. Even after 3 years everyone still admires how sparly mine is.
ohsotired Posts: 7071
Platinum is far better than white gold IMHO - never needs dipping and a simple polish brings it up sparkling. I've had my e-ring for over 4 years now and w-ring over 2 and both are still glistening!
FutureWife Posts: 298
Platinum is expensive but personally I think the need to dip White gold is a disaster , it looks terrible for the last 4-6 months before it's dipped again. I'd go yellow gold or platinum.
lollisue Posts: 507
You'll get a lot of different opinions on this, some in favour of white gold and some platinum. I got platinum, DH is white gold. Mine is definately lasting better. I get my platinum one cleaned every year by the jewellar and it looks great.
Togglies Posts: 89
Mine is white gold but its alloy is "Palladium". White gold is often mixed with nickle that is why it needs to be dipped. I got it in Antwerp and the jeweller there reccommended the palladium white gold - they prefer it to platinum. :)