Playa del Carmen Mexico

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dymo2 Posts: 787
Has anyone been if so have you just gone non all insluive. would prefer a smaller hotel.Have go a few very good prices for sept for 14 nights.I know it is the huircane season there but we are going to take a chance on it. Any information would be great as most people that i known have gone to cancun. Thanks
mrsmoo2202 Posts: 1930
was just there in November, much prefer it to cancun! we went all inclusive, but i've been there before on cruise ships, and it's relatively cheap for eating out etc. it's mainly bars, it does tend to get a little quieter when the ships leave for the evening, as most of the hotels are a bit further away from the town. there's a huge variety of bars and restaurants on the main street which is called 5th AVE! most of them do offers on buckets of beer/cocktails etc. look out for the Argentinian restaurant, it's on a corner, a tiny long narrow place, but has gorgeous food. there's loads of touristy shops on the street aswell, and places offering tours to the Mayan ruins and Chichen Itza, X-caret etc. the beach is fab too, as far as i remember there's places on the left on the pier where the Cozumel ferry docks where you can rent sunbeds for about $5 for the day, there's bars and restaurants all along the beach too. weather was fab when we were there, it rained 1 day out of 10, so we just heading into town and went shopping. there's a massive Wal-mart a few blocks up, if you went self catering, at least you'd be able to get stuff there, they literally have everything!!
dymo2 Posts: 787
It looks very nice have got a great price and it is someplace that i always wanted to see.A lot of the travel agents say goo all insluive but we dont like that some people do.Going to book this evening the hotel that the travel agents is offering is 18 out of 186 hotel so it has a good rateing. thanks for all the information
chick2012 Posts: 584
Hi Dymo, were going to playa del carmen on oour honeymoon! We are going all inclusive, 10 nights in a 5 star and flights for 2500 , we said all inclusive would be better becuase we wouldn worry about spending money! Will be interested in hearing from someone else who has been too.... we decided not to go to cancun as wanted somewhere less touristy :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
dymo2 Posts: 787
Yes everyone is diffrenct in what they what out of there hoilday we have been all insluive and we have made no use out of it but others find it great no doubt you will have a great time where did ye book.Ye got a good deal our is 2200 for 14 nights
Kaycee Posts: 2107
have been in sept. glorious weather. all inclusive is such better value if you like to drink (a lot) of alcohol on should weigh it up.
dymo2 Posts: 787
we do like to drink a good bit.But for us it does not work as we prefer to move out and about tired it in Cuba and DR and we ended up paying all insluive and used it for brekfast and maybe 3 dinners out of the 10 days.