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littlefairy Posts: 120
sorry girls just another q, how safe do you think it would be to play hockey when pregnant ?? i play in goal and i am nervous now about divin!!! i have said i am injured for tonight but wont get away with tat for long??????
Jolee Posts: 567
I play soccer and I gave it up as soon as I found out I was pregnant this time. I also used to do a lot of karate before DS1 and had to give that up too.. unfortunatley never really got properly back into it though.. maybe I will after this baby. Your bean is very well protected in you at the moment but my advice would be to give it up. You will defo have to anyway soon. It is entireley up to you though, maybe talk to your nurse or GP?
mtv Posts: 935
hi i can only comment on ladies football. i gave it up as soon as i got the bfp. the team think i am injured. i hate lying but its better to be safe then sorry. i looked up the rules. it the first rule in the handbook. pregnant ladies are not to play gaelic. i wouldnt risk the hockey.
*BabyMaker* Posts: 212
I played tag rugby on my last pregnancy & gave it up as soon as I got BFP, it was just too iffy; just told them I'd a back injury & after 12wks came clean & apologised for having to lie, but they were all so happy for me they didn't care I told a little white lie.
Terrier Posts: 283
I played hockey in the mid field and would definitely think you should give it up. You could get a ball in the tummy. I was lucky in that I found out I was pregnant at the end of season so didn't need to tell ant lies