Please advise - did i just get bad news.. Baby Measuring Big

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waitingpatiently Posts: 63
Hi Ladies, I am looking for some reassurance/advise please. Firstly – I will give you some background behind the pregnancy. I am late twenties, 33/34weeks pregnant and so far have had no complications. I am overweight and so was tested for diabetes and that test came back clear. When my husband was born he was over 10lbs and I weighed over 8lbs – so not exactly tiny tots!!! I had my routine scan in hospital at 17weeks and there were no problems. I have had many scans with for example gender scan and 3d scan – I know that this place does not offer any sort of medical advice though. Yesterday, I had an appt in the hospital and the midwife measured my uterus and said to the consultant 40cms……he subsequently has booked me in for another scan to see if I have excess amniotic fluid. I asked what does this mean and he replied – lets discuss that after the results of the scan…. Needless to say, I went home in a panic and “googled” myself silly…. Fetal abnormalities and down syndrome are the main words that I am seeing associated with “excess amniotic fluid”…. So ladies… how worried do I need to be? Could I just be having a big baby, afterall hubbie and I were big? I also measured my own uterus when I went home and I measured 35cms – mind you, who am I to argue with the professionals….. If I did have excess amniotic fluid would the sonographers in babyscan notice this?– I have been there 3 times since I was 20weeks pregnant or are they really just trained to take nice pics of babba? I also notice in my hospital notes that at 24weeks my uterus measured 25cms – this is perfect so it appears to have only gone off the scale in the 3rd trimester. God girls – sorry for the long post but I just wanted to give you the info so that you could offer the best advise or guidance from your own experience. My scan isnt until wednesday and i am totally stressing out... Thanks a million, WP
babyforus Posts: 1619
Hi waitingpatiently, sorry I haven't any advice, just hoping you are ok. Perhaps posting in M+K would help to see if any of the ladies there had this?
Mamaboom Posts: 2094
I've no real advice for you but I was in the opposite of your situation at 33/34 weeks; my bump was very small! I was sent for a growth scan; are they sending you for one of these too or just a general one? Don't worry too much, it could be a case of the midwife putting the tape too low on you. I also googled small bumps and frightened myself too; there was talk of DS too. You might just be having a big bruiser, it is quite possible. A girl on the August thread had a big bump too and her baby is fine.
bolababy Posts: 706
Try not to worry, Sonmetimes you just measure big, and it might mean you'll have a eight pounder + on your hands. You're measurement would have been different as they measure from down low on the bone in your pelvis which is the corrct way to do it. It's still a crude enough measurement so when you scan it will prob all turn out alright. Just remember that because you are close to the end, if something worring was going on the doc wouldnt have just booked a scan and let you home, he would have admitted you! STOP GOOGLING!!! HTH
waitingpatiently Posts: 63
thanks for the advise ladies - i won't google anymore. I'm going to do loads of nice things this weekend, keep the positive thoughts flowing and hope our bubba is simply just taking after his mam & dad - a nice big 10lbs babba - hahaha - i never thought i'd be wishing for a huge babba - thanks again... i'll keep you posted after the scan next week.
sparklybabe Posts: 3353
it is possible you are just having a big baby hun. watch your diet and dont be afraid to get out and walk/swim this can all help. cut down on sugery things and fizzy drinks. most of the time the scans in places like babyscan are not dianostic scan and so dont measure things like fluid around baby blood flow to baby abnormalitys etc. the hosp scans do...and thats why the doc is sending you
waitingpatiently Posts: 63
Thanks for the reply sparkly - i was secretly hoping you would.... while i dont post that often i always read your great advice :) It is very possible that we are simply having a big babba - afterall hubbie and i were both big. Thanks again. WP
waitingpatiently Posts: 63
Hi ladies, Thanks so much for all your posts... Had the scan today and all appears perfectly fine thank God. My fluid levels are normal and babs cuurently weighs 5lbs3oz's so they reckon baba may be 9lbs/10lbs if he arrives at 40 weeks... After the scare i gave myself regarding fluid levels, i will never look at google again and i honestly don't mind what size babba is - i'll get him out with a huge smile on my face either way. Thanks again, WP