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ggbeaks Posts: 132
Ok wollies i need all your help. I am new and I don't know what to do and I am hoping one of you may have been in a similar situation. My fiancée and I got engaged in Nov and I started looking at venues in Jan. We decided we wanted to get married on the Aug bank hol in 2014 as we wanted a long engagement. Some of my friends told me I was nuts to start looking at venues this early but i went anywyay. And I found the most perfect venue, Cabra Castle. I fell in love with it immediatley. It was perfect everything we wanted. But after the show around the wedding coordinator told us the date we wanted was gone already. O:| She could ofer us another date but we wanted that one. I am very VERY close to my parents and they got married on the same weekend which would make our anniversary the 2nd of aug and thiers on the 3rd. :heartbeat: I have looked at other venues and although they are nice they are not my fairytale castle wedding. Can anyone give me any advice what to do. Do not want to wait till 2015 it's too far
Claddagh1981 Posts: 1117
The 1st is a Friday that weekend so that would be only a day between your folks and you, but still the same weekend do they have that date available? ..or The monday which is the 4th, its a bank holiday so maybe you could try that? Have a chat to the people at Cabra castle, maybe there is something they can do for you, another room in the castle for weddings? I hope it works out how you want it and goodluck :)
mrsryan07 Posts: 274
Oh no, sorry to hear that! What about the 3rd? It's the Sunday but considering the Monday is a bank holiday, it's a good option. What do you think? How many venues have you looked at already? You never know, there might be something beautiful out there. We thought we had found the perfect venue but still looked around and booked a different venue in the end. Something I can recommend is a wedding fair. I personally didn't enjoy it because it was like a cattle market but you are able to get so much information. A LOT of venues would be on those and you can talk to people directly and see photos etc. Well, good luck with finding a suitable venue. You still have loads of time and I'm sure you'll find something for 2014 :)
frankenbride Posts: 419
The Sunday sounds perfect if you ask them can you have the midweek wedding rate it could work out better for you (some hotels don't do this for Bank Holiday weekends). Or even a week later still close enough to your folks date. I have to say I LOVE Cabra Castle I tried to book there for mine but it was booked up as well. My friend had her wedding there and everything was fab!!!!! She had it around Christmas so all the decorations were in place including all the fairy lights made the place so amazing looking
vintagebling Posts: 70
We actually changed our date as Cabra wasnt available on our date. I have to say i think itll be worth it. For us, it was the only venue that made us say wow! You just get that feeling when you know its right! :lvs