Please help baby cries when put back down :(

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Snugglebuggle Posts: 1084
Girls I feel like crying myself all day long sitting under DS he screams when I put him back down into the moses basket ??his after been fed changed and winded and cries like hell when I put him back down :( as soon as we go to take him up he stops ?????he is hardly spoiled already ?????? gave him a bottle this morning at 9 and he was still awake at 12 noon that was after getting some of his bottle up and then he was hungry again hr later and then again at 12.30 take about 1hr half to feed very hard with DD aswell. His screaming here now awake since around 6 and is after been fed changed and winded wot do I do ???? DD was never like this?? Feel like crying myself now :( Any help would really appreciate do I leave him cry ??? or take him up I have been taking him up but I think thats wots wrong as I said hardly spoilt already would he be ??should I give him a dummy?
Mamaboom Posts: 2094
Something similar going on here the last couple of days so I feel for you! My fella doesn't sound as bad as yours though in fairness! Would he have colic or trapped wind? is he only crying to be picked up or is he arching his back?
Snugglebuggle Posts: 1084
Hi Mamaboom Its so hard isnt it no he does'nt really arch his back just screams but as soon as I pick him up then he stops and looks around and wants to go asleep some of the time rest time eyes wide open lookin around.I just took him up few mins ago cudnt leave him cry he stopped then and now after putting him back in am just waiting for him to start again :( am so tired tonight DH is very good he takes over when he comes home from work and will do tonights feeds for me as so tired after all week and the days.DD is'nt helping much either with her tantrums very hard but she is at that age now I cant get her to do anything. Anyway just having a bad day I thinks everything bothering me now :( Would u consider using a dummy to pacify him ??
Mamaboom Posts: 2094
Yeah it's hard guessing what's wrong! Junior uses the dummy the odd time; usually in his cot but it doesn't pacify him if he's crying; he realises there's no milk coming out of it and spits it out! I took him to the GP yesterday and she said he's a bit of colic but she was fairly dismissive of any treatment. I got colief drops yesterday but he's in awful form today; crying, spitting and getting sick :o( Thought DH would never get home to give me a break - I feel awful writing that :o( Hope your little girl settles soon, maybe she's a bit jealous and making her mark? This mammy lark is hard!
Snugglebuggle Posts: 1084
Colic thats hard going on them poor little thing the drops are meant to be good but I dunno I hope our DS doesnt have it DD had a little bit hard going is right.I hope your LO settles too .Fingers xxx now he is still asleep now :)might start the dummy soon if he keeps it up tho see how it goes.Yea DD great with her little brother loads kisses its just us she wont do anything for its prob jealousy is right new baby and the attention baby is getting but she still gets attention oh well she will settle soon I'm sore. Thanks Mamaboom
draiocht Posts: 483
you could try swaddling him, he will feel really secure when you put him down so might settle better. If he was awake that long today, he may be overtired, babies that young should only be awake for at the most 2 hrs at a time, so if he is tired the crying unsettled can get worse, you would think he would just konk out but sometimes they just cant go asleep cos they are so tired, he may just need a good long sleep. I know they say you cant spoil a baby but if he stops when you pick him up, he may prefer you to the bed and so will cry till you pick him up, If he had colic he would probably just keep crying. Im not much help sorry I hope he settles for you and you get a bit of rest.
jesse39 Posts: 3
Hi, he could have a bit of reflux. The muscles at their little tummys aren't quite strong enough yet to hold their tummys shut so stomach acid can come up their neck easily giving them heartburn. Babies with this cry alot, don't sleep too well get sick quite abit after bottles and hate lying totally flat. You could try tilting the basket or putting something under the mattress to tilt it so he's not lying absolutely flat, this stops the acid coming back up. Also i you did thing that this could be the problem you can get baby gaviscon to mix into their bottles, it just thickens the feed slightly so it's not so easy to slosh back out of the stomach.