Please help - blood - MC or not

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womble Posts: 70
Hi Girls, I seem to have started bleeding, I went to the toilet around lunchtime and there was blood - a good amount of bright red blood on my panty liner - sorry TMI I know. I was really worried and as I knew my GP was on lunch, I went straight to the local maternity unit - they asked me to give them a urine sample, but I could only manage a very small amount, which when they tested they said it was negative :o( They did an internal exam, said there was no evidence of bleeding there, and then took blood, said I should have results of this test by 5 this evening. I am sooo worried girls, what do ye think, has my little bean gone? I have no cramps and just been to the toilet again a few minutes ago and no more blood. I don't know what to think, I'm so upset, have any of you ever experienced this?
Jeidi Posts: 3128
Hi Womble, God love you, I hope you're ok. How many weeks are you? I had this at 4w4d on my last pregnancy and then I had it another 4 times, around the time I would have been due a period. All caused me to panic and cry and visit the EPU for a scan and bloods etc, and my little man is a buster now, he'll be 3 in Jan. I havent had any bleeding on this pregnancy (touch wood) - so its true what they say, all pregnancies are different. 5 o clock is not that far away. Is your DH/DP with you? Its a good sign that they didnt see any sign of blood on the internal. Did they scan you? Fingers crossed for you and your bean, I'll say a little prayer for you. :thnk
Daenerys Targaryen Posts: 74
Praying all is well and your baby is good and sticky in there!! :xox
adelz Posts: 3088
Fingers crossed to hope all is well..... I had bright red blood at 5 wks and now I am just over 16 wks and all looks well so far....I had more blood at 6wks and all is still fine, so hoping you are the same :wv
divingqueen Posts: 102
Hey Womble, I had bleeding as well, at 12 weeks, went to hospital, they did an internal and scan. Did they scan you? See any heartbeat? My bleeding had stopped as well, and had no cramps, and i was fine after. Hope it all works out for you.
Winter B2B Posts: 3494
Hope you are ok. What did hospital say at 5? How many weeks do you think you should be?
Emme Posts: 4735
Hey womble, hope you're okay.
womble Posts: 70
Hey girls, Thanks for all the replies and good wishes. Had to wait to get blood result until this morning, but did a CB digital last night and that said Pregnant 3+ weeks, so that eased my mind a bit. I have had no bleeding since which is also good. The midwife just called to say bloods show I'm definitely still pregnant, have to say am a complete emotional wreck here at the moment, think I must have been bottling everything up, and it's like floodgates have just opened, can't stop crying. They're going to scan me on Monday to make sure everything is o.k., but she seemed pretty confident. I wish they could do the scan now, don't think I'll fully believe everything is o.k. until I see the little bean. As you said Jeidi maybe it's just sort of period bleeding because if I wasn't pregnant I would be due my period around now. Thanks again girls for all your replies
Emme Posts: 4735
Going on stories here and my own experience bleeding is the last sign of M/'d be getting a negative result or certainly 1-2 weeks on the CB digital if it was a chemical pregnancy. Also, it seems that an enourmous amount of people have bleeding on their pregnancies...I did on DS, it was polyps in my case but the first time it happened the hospital didn't even bring me in, they just weren't worried as it stopped as soon as it started. So looks like it's all good! Midwives aren't cruel..they wouldn't tell you you're still pregnant if you're not...relax and enjoy!
moodle Posts: 124
Oh womble you poor poor thing. To set your mind at rest I have had lots and lots of bleeding on and off since 5 weeks. (im now 15 weeks) 2 weeks ago I had a huge amount of bright red blood but had a scan and all is ok. So, if you can, try and take heart from some of the positive stories you've read on here. I know its so annoying when peopel say dont stress but you need to relax as your little bambino will feel the stress. :action32