PLEASE HELP....cousin has booked same date!!!

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away with the fairies x Posts: 392
ozypozy Posts: 2950
Did she know that you had yours booked for the same day?! Personally, I'd go for the one that I could get most of the stuff I wanted.
Mrs James Duff Posts: 348
Hi fednt What month were you originally supposed to be married? I'm only asking as is there enough of a gap to maybe have a Valentines wedding or another date further away from Xmas if you are worried that people will be fed up of Xmas by the 9th January
Babyloco Posts: 964
I think i would go for Dec 30th, during all the xmas celebrations when people are still relaxed and in happy mode!!
Elban26 Posts: 2458
If it was me I would probably go with the 9th as that's the date you get all you want. Did your cousin know you had booked this date?
away with the fairies x Posts: 392
to be fair she didnt. We announced our date and she then said that they had the same date booked with everything organised but had not announced it yet!! Havent a clue why. After all our wedding was meant to be 16 months from when we announced the engagement. So not a lifetime away either!
imawolly Posts: 268
If the 2nd is your 7 year anniversary, and the only thing you can't get your parish church, I'd probably go with that. Unless you were very particular about the church that is. I'm sure you could find a nice alternative - does your H2B live close enough to use his parish church? Or maybe the church near where one of your parents grew up? Or obviously the nearest other available church!
sinocon Posts: 15
I think I would go with 9th Jan - that way you have all the Church, Hotel & Band.
nutcake Posts: 1168
as a guest i would rather go to a wedding on the 30th dec, everyone still in the xmas spirit and it would probaly be less hassle for people getting holidays from work etc but you have to do what suits you so go with your gut feeling!
away with the fairies x Posts: 392
but would you not think it wouldn't be very "Christmassey" or that the Christmassey feel will be gone out of it