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brunblonde Posts: 6
I know this is the most simple or basic stuff but somebody please help me. My LMP was mid december so according to the GP I am in my seventh week of pregnancy - I had to have a scan today due to concerns and the scan said I was 5 wks pregnant which makes alot of sense to me as I know the date we conceived. I understand why the GP said I was seven wks but the thing is if I hadn't got a scan and on my 12th wk first visit would the doctor alter the dates???Am I right in saying that when you go for your first visit usually at 12 wks are you techicnally only 10 wks pregnant????? And you know when you are reading the pregnancy books should I look up that I am 5 or 7 weeks pregnant????? MY HEAD IS SPINNING - SO BASIC BUT CONFUSING!!!!!
speedy55 Posts: 512
generally its the scans that they go by. so i'd be going by that date which is 5 weeks. my date was altered after a scan and it also made more sense to me as i've very long cycles, therefore there was a few weeks discrepancy between the date of my last known period and the time of conception. congratulations though and it sounds like everything went well which is fantastic :o)ll
brunblonde Posts: 6
Thanks speedy55 - I guess I have more knowledge then others because of early scan. Good news today but have to get another scan shortly -so fingers crossed.
Winter B2B Posts: 3494
On my first hospital visit, they asked me for my LMP and that is the date that stuck (even though an early scan showed differently). I knew my cycle very well and knew almost to the day when bud was conceived but doctor told me they go by the LMP. Books all use you LMP to work out how pregnant you are. Usually medically they say you were pregnant 2 weeks before you were actually conceived babs, sorry if I'm not explaining this very well. So in my opinion you are 7 weeks pg.
snowbear Posts: 2107
Congrats! It's quite possible to be out a week or so if going by LMP as not everyone conceives exactly on day 14, or indeed has a 28 day cycle. If you know when you conceived then that's likely to be more accurate. I know I conceived on day 20 of my cycle which was born out by scans, thankfully the doctor took my dates into account. I was charting ovulation so was very sure. Do try and emphasise that you know when you conceived as that week or ten days or whatever could be very important at the other end if the hospital thinks you are gone over and you don't think so. Congrats againa!