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sweetpea1 Posts: 476
I'm attempting to make my own invitations and want to write "Wedding Invitation" on the front. The problem is, the card I'm using is too thick to print on so I was hoping to stencil the words on instead but I can't find any sites that sell brass stencils that are suitable for embossing, the only one I did find doesn't deliver to Ireland. Please help :o(
mrs.ebayqueen Posts: 2483
sorry cant help but in are in the right place for advice best of luck with it
sweetpea1 Posts: 476
Thanks, hopefully someone out there'll have the answer!
seans missus Posts: 1381
I made my own invitations but I used adhesive stickers that said 'Wedding Invitation'. I bought all of my bits and pieces on and You might find what you are looking for on one of those sites. Good Luck with it! :wv
soulful Posts: 1697
Yes I would second But there is a shop in blanchardstown dublin beside TKmax called inspirations and it has lots and lots of craft items for sale. I am pretty sure you would find what you are looking for there x
thepetals Posts: 532
Hi sweetpea... is this the type of thing you are looking for... [img:1nrfqa5p][/img:1nrfqa5p] this is a brass stencil with the three items on it for your invitations... shown a lot smaller here as i cant get the properties for the larger picture... Evening - Wedding Invitation - RSVP... available at this site - [url:1nrfqa5p][/url:1nrfqa5p] and costs 8.61 with 7.50 p+p to ireland - hth good luck with the invitations P
sweetpea1 Posts: 476
Girls thanks a million, you're life savers! :xxx