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fifteensept Posts: 565
Hi All.....I know there has been loads of these sort of posts lately. But I am totally devastated I was maybe expecting a pay cut but not to be told I was been made the moment I am all over the place. I am looking for someone to give me some advise on what I am intitled too, I know the economy is up in a heap especially after the budget but to be honest I have never been out of work in my life and dont even know where to for its so complex with information I get confused. I am approx 28 weeks pregnant, and due the end of June. I have filled out my Matnerity Forms with employer having signed them and were going in the post this I still send them off or do I sign on the dole as I will have about eight or so weeks before I am due....all I know at the moment is we have Mortage Protection and my part will be paidbut will it still be paid when I get matnerity benefit so confused on all of this. I would really appreciate someone's advise on this. Thanks a Million
delirious Posts: 287
Hi Fifteensept, I just wanted to say how sorry i am to hear about you being made redundant. I'm afraid i am no use in regard to revenue etc but suggest you call into your local tax office in person maybe or your local citizens buro. sorry i am of no help.
sunsparks Posts: 2196
hi fifteensept, sorry to hear your news. I don't have any advice, except to echo the citizen's information idea. I hoep you can get your maternity leave and still claim your mortgage protection. :xxx
petunia Posts: 1626
hi fifteensept, sorry to hear your bad news, but please dont get too worried about it now, give yourself a chance to digest it. i agree with delirious, maybe give citizens advice a call to make an appt to go through it. best of luck
popplewell Posts: 110
Hi fifteensept. Sorry to hear your news, but try not to fret too much. I am in a similar situation. I had been forewarned about my redundancy earlier in the year so was expecting it. I posted off my maternity benefit forms last week, and was told on Monday that my I will be made redundant at the end of this month. I phoned citizens info, who advised me that in order for my social welfare maternity benefit to still be paid I need to start it from the week after I am made redundant. This will be approx 8 weeks before I was expecting it to start. You need to be in employment paying at least an A class PRSI stamp right up until the week before your benefit is due to start, but because I won't be, I have to start it sooner. It does mean that I will be getting the benefit for over 2 months before baby is even born, which is annoying.. I had asked about signing on for unemployment benefit once made redundant but was advised that if I do this, I will no longer be eligible for maternity benefit. I can, however, sign on for unemployment benefit once my maternity benefit runs out (26 weeks). Sorry for the long winded reply :-8
babybuzz Posts: 474
im in the same position, except that im now on maternity leave 3 weeks now. you need to start your maternity leave straight after you were made redundant, its a pain but at least your egilble for it. i really thought that i would be made redundant before i made it to 24 weeks (which is only when you can go on maternity leave..)
fifteensept Posts: 565
Popplewell.....Thank you so much for this information I never though that it happened that way, I never knew it was 24 weeks either that you could claim from my boss had it all very well work just finished a large project Tuesday and my imput and reports was really needed for it and I have been involved in the job for day one so once that got finsihed he got rid well that how I feel at the moment, but as you said its all still raw yet and I need time to adjust. I need to send those forms off striaght away then I just need to find out about my Mortgage Protection. Thank you all for your kind wishes Didnt sleepmuch last night, the whole situation going round my head
zoesmama Posts: 2774
the best option for you is to go on the Maternity Benefit for the 26 weeks immediately as you qualify for it and the money is more than Jobseekers and you will get PRSI Credits while getting the Benefit. also if you were just going on Jobseekers you would have to be available for work for all but 4 weeks after the baby was born. then when your Maternity runs out you get the Jobseekers. hth. Posts: 229
Does anyone know how being married affects Jobseekers benefit?I heard before it gets cut in half.Or is it just means tested and then they decide?I lost my job too a few weeks ago and just waiting till end of April for my p45
fifteensept Posts: 565
Does anyone know will my Mortage Protection kick in because I have been made redundant or because I go on MB do I lose this also. BrideStuff...sorry to here you lost your job also....I dont think the benifit is affected if you are married I am also hope not