Please help me on 2 Q's for interview

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lovebaby Posts: 424
2 questions i'm having difficulty answering. Its so hard when alot of question are "Tell me a time when you showed" O:| I end up repeating myself. So the Q's - Show me a time when you showed leadership and Attention to detail. In an interview early this week I was asked, the above along with biggest accomplishment, what motivates you, teamworking give example, working under pressure and example, why hire you, where see yourself in 3 years time, how did you dealt with stress, how did you deal with a crisis at work in past, strengths, weaknesses, tell me a time you showed initiative and givbe example, favourite job/duties and why, give examples. if you could have any job what would it be. qualities you have, what your former boss say about you, former colleagues say about you, why study what you did, favourite subjext, how has your qualifications helped you in previous jobs, help you in this position etc...... O:| O:| O:| O:| O:| O:| To say the least i was drained leaving O:| O:| I found alot of my examples at the begining i went into lots of detail and that did me no favours for the rest of Q's to come. Is all interviews like the above been awhile since I was interviewed and I want to be so ready for my interview as i want it so much, but the above has left me so nervous. Thanks a mill and good luck to anyone looking for work, has interviews. not an easy time. x
theoracle Posts: 7664
I totally get where you are coming from, those kind of questions can be tough to answer, especially if there are as many in this category - sounds like a 5 hour interview! I don't think all interviews are like that, it depends on the company, they all use different formats. I have in the past had case studies, psychometric testing, panel interviwes, workshop interviews - you name it! If you feel you could do with a bit of coaching, I have recommended this crowd before, absolutely worth it (they also do free cv webinars so have a peek) if you check out their facebook page there are a lot of tips also for these type of questions.
lovebaby Posts: 424
thank you. i will have a look. Congrats on your pregnancy, hope your keeping well.