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jo jo Posts: 17
Hi Girls, im going shopping for my wedding dress this weekend in Dublin and havnt a clue where to go, Im a size 18 at present and was wondering will all bridal shops have big sizes? I havnt a clue of Dublin, so if you have any names of shops can you tell me what street there on also! im staying just off O Connell Street! Thanks a million O-O
bashful Posts: 307
Hey ring ahead to Myrle Ivory and some of the other shops as you will need an appointment :wv
glowgal Posts: 949
sorry just wanted to say that I went to Myrtle Ivory (loved it) but Im a size 12 and most of the dresses were my size or a bit snug so I wouldn't think that place is ideal if your a size 18. Just ring ahead and check with the shops if your worried about it. Places near o connell street are Alexanders on Parnell Street (no appointment needed), Bella Novia, Talbot Street. Like JoJo said, most shops you need appointment for.
fire fly Posts: 1241
Hi, I just noticed that you are in wexford, why not try wedding bells in ferns. Martha has a fantatic selection and when I was in there she had all sizes.
oldhat Posts: 28
hi JoJo - I'm the same dress size & the first shop I tried was Bella Novia as they stock sizes for the curvier woman. They are located on Talbot Street. Also tried Berkertex in Jervis Centre. In most shops I was pinned into dresses, but in fairness very few of them were smaller than a size 14 so I was at least able to get into the dress! You will need to make an appointement in most of the bridal shops though. Debenhams & MS both have bridal sections in their Henry St stores.
jimmyjoemango Posts: 166
Hi Jo Jo Im 16 top half and 18 hips! I went to Berketex in Jervis Street Shopping centre aswell and although the dresses were 12s and 14s, the assistsant was easily able to pin me into any dress I wished to try on.
hotlips Posts: 433
Hi there, I have to agree with autumnbridetobe about Myrtle Ivory, I was there last week, fab shop but I got the impression that they only had smaller sizes as a friend of mine was there a few weeks ago and she is 14 and couldn't find any to fit her. Maybe just ring them to be sure - number is 6753519. Need appointment Alexanders - 8744547 no appointment needed Berketex - 8780979 Need appointment Bridal Wraptures (top of Grafton St) 6719100 Need appointment Cathy De stafford (exchequor st) 6798817 no appointment needed TownBride (Powerscourt Townhouse) 6770991 Need appointment Sharon Hoey (Upr Mount St) 6762772 B-Couture (Arklow) Don't have number Hope this helps a bit. H
jo jo Posts: 17
Thanks a million to ye girls for your help, I have rang and made appointments in BellaNovia and Berkertex and will call into the others that you mentioned that you dont need appointment! I didnt want to go into shops where there looking at you ( cause your not a size 10) as if, "What are you doing in here"!!! Cheers Women O-O
wexfordbell Posts: 1065
Hi Jojo Why not try marry me in wexford. She seems to have sizes to fit all people in stock and if not she will get them in for you
Anonymous Posts: 24542