please help - problem with pee......

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Hellothere2010 Posts: 2358
girls Im embarrassed asking this but I need too because Im a bit freaked.... Ok so Im 17 weeks gone and after scan and doc appointment all seems to be going well. Im feeling great - just the usual of hard to get comfortable in bed...heartburn etc. But Ive noticed something this week.....TMI alert!! I got to bed and wake up feeling pains and need to go to the loo badly. I do a pee and its like I expected it would feel like if I was much bigger - like a relief of pressure and like relief pains after I go. But in reality my bump is not that big yet and I only pee about an egg cupful. Now today Im sitting here in work - went to the loo - came back and there is tiny drops of pee coming out that i cannot control. I have gone back to the loo two times in the last 10 mins - both times I pee and both times I come back to office and a tony bit comes out again. Its not a burning sensation but its hot if you know what I mean. I Keep feeling like I need to go again. Is this normal??
sunnyside Posts: 3164
I had a problem with peeing around that time too. I felt like I would burst if I didn't get to the loo and then once I got there I might have produced a teaspoon full. Very annoying and even on way back from the loo felt like I needed to go again O:| My consultant gave me urine testing sticks from early on so I knew I didn't have an infection (u might want to rule that out first) but the best thing for me was to drink loads so that when I did go to the loo I actually felt like I was peeing and not to rush off the loo. I've read that if you lean back and forth when peeing it helps your bladder to empty. I think when your bladder tolerance changes through pregnancy it can take a bit of time for your brain to catch up with that. For me it was about going to the loo, making sure that I did all I could to pee all out and then saying to myself Ok you've been to the loo, you'll be ok for at least half an hour. Sounds like your body is just getting used to your bladder behaving differently. but mention to your doc next time just in case. :wv
MrsWhippy09 Posts: 2346
That sounds like cystitus. I've had it before and all your symptoms match what I had. It's a very uncomfortable feeling that you have to go all the time and then when you do go, hardly anything comes out and it kind of burns (TMI sorry). Drink plenty of fluids to flush it out of your system. My friend suffers from cystitus a lot and she swears by cranberry juice as a cure! HTH
chicam Posts: 1169
Definitely check you don't have a urine infection. Other than that, if it helps I am nearly 35 weeks and have always had that feeling with pee - feel like I'll burst then get to the loo and there's barely a trickle. Only diff is that as I've gotten bigger, the need has gotten more frequent (sorry if thats bad news for you!). Try the rocking back & forth on the loo (this gets difficult as you get bigger) and get a gym ball to sit and bounce on..I found it helped with getting whatever pee was there to all come out rather than a trickle.
sunnyside Posts: 3164
oops sorry didn't realise you said you had a hot feeling. best to get checked out just in case. i never had any pain or discomfort- apart from the nuisance of spending half my working day in the loo!
baby peanut Posts: 810
Make sure with the doc you don't have cystitis, it sounds a bit like that to me, in the meantime drink loads of water and cranberry juice just to keep it at bay. Good luck *)