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lilastragirl Posts: 56
Hiya, I am really upset over my wedding band. I have a 3 stone twist engagement ring so I needed to get wedding band made around it. I had just moved into new area when flyer came thru the door for jeweller saying 18 yrs experience in handcrafting rings etc etc. (This was in oct) I went to him and gave him my engagement ring (in oct) and didnt get my ring back for about 6 weeks, no joke.... waited and waited and called into him few times and he was saying he doesnt actually do the ring making and sending it to dublin (yeah getting really pee'd now) eventually in Jan he showed me the made ring.... but it didnt fit in right with my ring..... he then took my engagement ring off me again... 2 weeks later I rang him raging asking whats going on and he tellls me it's cos my ring has a thick part on it underneath and he had to shave some of my [b:382lyami]engagement ring[/b:382lyami].... :eek Anyway it fitted slightly better and i gave him an old ring i had with some diamonds in it and asked him to set them into the ring (he said he could do it no prob) told me it would be a week and then ready.... that is full 2 weeks ago, his shop is moving premises so when i drove it to talk to him it was closed with mobile number... I rang it on Tues and left a v/mail saying I'm really getting annoyed etc..... I havent heard back from him!!!!!!!!!!! Although I havent given him any money he now had my old ring with the diamonds in it, so I cant just tell him to piss off.... plus I'm getting married in 5 weeks.... Sorry for rant but can someone please help, what should I do???????
superduperexcited10 Posts: 1468
Hi lilastragirl, if i were you id bombard him with phone calls day and night......until you get your ring back. i than would run for the hills!!!! it s very unprofessional and rude of him to treat a customer like this!!! try and go to another jewellers and either buy a ring that suits or ask them to rush through a ring for you if they make them. explain how badly the other man has treated you...and you never know your luck!! best of luck :wv
Wana-be-mummy Posts: 124
i know this might seem like a bit of an over reaction but have you called the gardi??? im not saying he has run off with your ring but something might have happened him and he cant contact you... the gardi might be able to check for you......... sorry if this doesnt help or if it makes you worry more..... :action32
tinkerbella2010 Posts: 762
OMG!!! That is unreal. So unfair. :o( I wouldnt really know what to do in this case, sorry :thnk
lilastragirl Posts: 56
Oh I feel so upse over this, chances are he had taken the diamonds out of old ring already, so my only hope is to just swallow it and loose the old ring and go to another jeweller... The whole prob is that this guy is sooooo nice to talk to, and i dont believe he has done a runner, but i just think i will eventually get a rinf back that isnt perfect cos it doesnt exactly fit :o(
tinkerbella2010 Posts: 762
I think dinji's idea of going to the guards is good. I mean you don't have to do anything serious, just ask their advice
Miss Muffet Posts: 612
OTT or not, I'm with Dinji on this one. You need to call the guards! This guy sounds like some sort of scam artist to me. First off, what sort of jeweller sends flyers around??? In hindsight, it was probably a bad idea to go with someone like that. But, its done now, so the problem is making sure its done right & then getting the ring back in time for the wedding which, to be honest, i'd be getting seriously worried about at this stage. I think at this stage you need to get the ring back from this guy asap - bring the guards - and get it to a reputable jewellers instead. Then, I'd be taking this guy to the small claims court to recoup any loses on your part. Get on to Joe Duffy too - this guy shouldn't be allowed to catch someone out again.
frillynickers Posts: 1765
whats the name of the jewller maybe some wollies have dealt with him before.
Irebride2009 Posts: 211
Sorry to hear that hon. Please post the name of this guy so no one else gets caught out
Sheep Posts: 626
Sounds dodgy as f*ck to me and you need to go to the Gardai! In the meantime go to a reputable jewellers to sort out your wedding ring.