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minestrone Posts: 45
Hi Wollies Please help before I have a mini panic attack. I have just realised we're all over the place with our documents. About 3 and a half months to wedding so time is precious. This is the story - have all our stuff for registrar at end of month, so that's ok. Now the complicated bit, for the Church, we both have baptism, confirmation and birth certs organised. H2b is not Irish. We have both lived outside the country for several years. We are now living in Ireland. Not getting married in my local "childhood" church. Not getting married in the parish we now live in. Getting married in a different church (where neither of us have any ties iykwim). Priest is also not part of that parish. What do we need now, letter of freedom? From who? Is there anything else? Do we need something from our current parish or could I get that from my "childhood" parish? Do we have to have this done 3 months prior to the wedding? Sorry for the ramblings girls, hope someone can help! In the meantime, I think I need a glass of vino :-8 Minestrone :thnk
ScarlettoHara Posts: 8442
You need to make an appointment with the priest in the parish you live in now. He will fill in a pre nuptiual enquiry form (think this is what its called) for you and give you letter of freedom. He should be able to tell you any thing else you need. Check out These should also help :wv
milis Posts: 7998
You're supposed to have a letter of freedom for every parish you've lived in for more than 6 months since you were 18. Might be easier to get an affidavid from a solicitor stating that you are free to marry. You sound on top of it, don't worry!
Aurge Posts: 1456
I didnt know you needed a letter of freedom for every parish you lived in. Were getting married in our parish so thought we didnt need this. Minestone, yeah the documents are between 3 and 6 months. They wont accept them if they are any older. Madness isnt it?? O:|
HoneyB Posts: 33
Hi Ministrone, We just did our pre-marriage course a couple of weeks ago and the priest in that said that in some cases you can just get a letter from your parents to say you're not married. I though it sounded a bit too easy but when we were having our pre-nuptial enquiry the priest mentioned something about a letter from your parents too. We both had our letters of freedom so I didn't ask any more about it. Talk to your parish priest and he'll tell you if it will be enough.
honeybee Posts: 624
Go to your priest who is marrying him and ask him, for us the priest accepted an sworn affidavitt from us both stating we have never been married and are free to marry the priest also asked for a letter from each of our mothers stating to the best of their knowledge daughter/son has never been married and is free to do so. similar to u h2b has lived abroad alot(although is Irish). O-O