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buffer Posts: 6
Hi all, Im looking for some advice and reassurance. I have just found out im pregnant, which im delighted about as last year I suffered two m/c’s. The difficulty is im going to be 13 weeks pregnant on my wedding day all going well. So as well as the stress of the wedding build up i'm worrying all the time will I m/c again, how will I hide it, will my dress fit (when will I start to show) etc etc. I don’t want anyone to know except partner, as both sets of parents and friends will be worrying for us and were so upset the last time the two m/c’s happened Has anyone any else experienced this, or can anyone offer any advice, please???
aliwac05 Posts: 40
Hi Buffer, Congratulations on your pregnancy!!!!!! This baby sounds like something you and your partner are really looking forward to and combined with your wedding day you will be having a fab 2006 by the sounds of it. I know the wedding can be stressful but you need to try and relax and have as much rest as possible for your wedding as the first 12 weeks can bring tiredness that you wouldn't believe. I think you need to maybe farm out as many wedding chores to your bridemaids,best man and family!! Thats what they are there for and get your partner to take a load off as well. Enjoy the build up to your big day and try and take as much time out for yourself as possible(get facial,read book) You shouldn't be showing at 13weeks so I can't see why your dress would not fit. Eat as normal(except avoid the certain food you cant have during preg) and exercise as normal with out over doing it and i cant see a problem!!!! Sorry to hear about your previous m/c and I can't imagine how hard that must have been but with the wedding to occupy your mind you will be over the 12 weeks before you know it. Try not to stress too much and enjoy your big day aliwac
originalwoowoo Posts: 867
Bufer, That is really wonderful news and I wish you all the best. Try to get as much done now as possible and as ali said - delegate! Also (real usa) but dont sweat the small stuff, they are things that most people never notice and you can do without the hassle. All the best for wedding and baby!
buffer Posts: 6
Thanks so much for your advice Aliwaco5 and Woo Woo. Reading your lovely response's has helped lower the stress and worry levels.
Cha Cha4ever Posts: 6
Congratulations buffer - it sounds like 2006 will be a good year for you :) Just relax, take things as easy as you can and DELEGATE as much of the work as possible to your friends and family. Hope everything works out well for you Chaz