Please Please stop smoking.

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Gone2007 Posts: 4182
Girls I don't know if many of ye smoke but if any of you do please please stop! A woman from work here died at the weekend from lung cancer aged just 51. We were looking here for pictures of her and one of the girls had one on her phone from a work night out on 19th January this year and she is laughing and drinking, full of life. Less than six months later she is dead. Now I know some people have a genetic predisposition, some people never smoke and get cancer, some people like my Granny smoke like troopers and she lived to be 90. But in this case the woman was a very heavy smoker and it's plain to see that this had to have some effect. Lung cancer is a vicious vicious disease. It kills so so quickly, H2Bs uncle went just as fast a few years ago. So girls, think of yourselves, your loved ones and everyone else around you and spare them this tragedy. QUIT TODAY!
mumof2 Posts: 3864
Thanks for posting this - I smoke and am trying to give up for the wedding but the more awareness of these horrible and sad stories the more people will try to quit (I hope)
aston Posts: 4100
Hi girls, I am really sorry about your friend. I WAS a smoker! (the worst kind apparently for preaching) but I am not off them long, just 8 days today! I really really feel great. I loved my marlboros and glass of vino, nothing better but I just got sick of them I suppose. I was smoking out of habit and clearly wasnt enjoying smoking anymore. I would smoke because somebody else lit up you know. A friend of mine who gave up when the smoking ban came in is still off them and she looks soooo wel, I cannot praise her enough, she has would you believe it lost weight and her hair, skin, eyes etc are so much better, she is really pretty and exercising loads and has loads of energy so hopefully I'll be saying the same thing about me soon!! I know it is really hard for people to just quit but when you are ready you will just know and you will be happy to stop and wont be thinking about them all the time! Best fo luck to anyone trying at the moment! and fingers crossed for me!! Really dont want to have a fag in one hand and my bouquet in another!!!