Please reccomend good doctor in Dublin

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Mrs hungry Posts: 18
Can someone please advise on a good doctor to go to in Dublin for Pregnancy. I went to one up by Jervis when i fist found out but i am abit usure about him.. He seemed very chilled out only took my blood pressure and urine sample. I was very weary i wasn't sure what to do nect and he wasn't too great explaining to me what i should be doing or appointment i should have to go on. ANyone recommend a doctor id appreciate it. thanks
Greece Posts: 1800
Hi Ms. Hungry. I go to the Customs House Medical Centre in the IFSC. Ther have loads of docs there but I went ot a lady called Mona to confirm my pregnancy etc. She was really lovely. Gave me lots of websites to look at and books todl me best book to get. She answered all my questions and advised me what to do next. Im very early on, only 4.5 weeks so she didnt check me or anything, just confimred the pregnancy and told me what I needed to so. She also explained about 'combined care' etc which I will sign up for. I find the place very good, have always gone there but first time with this particular doc. Handy as well being in city centre close to work. Thats my toupponce worth anyway! :wv
Winter B2B Posts: 3494
I go to the Grafton Medical Centre on South Anne st, just off Grafton St. There are a number of doctors there and find them all great. I used to be under Dr. Mercer but she went on maternity leave and is still on leave so I'm now seeing Dr. Emer O'Reilly who is also really nice. Dr. Keith Perdue is also nice. Both male and female doctors to choose. There are other doctors there so usually never a problem getting an apt.